Infectious Disease : Review

Malaria: a major global killer

A number of articles have been produced concerning informative research about various pathogen borne diseases. One such article is Malaria: A Major Global Killer (2011) by Katie Fraser. The article is about the importance of malaria in the world. The great impacts of Malaria on world health are discussed. It is clear that, although many countries are affected by Malaria, most cases are witnessed in Africa. Children and pregnant women are highly vulnerable to Malaria. The disease has immense impacts on the economy, thus the need for attention. Malaria is characterized by aching muscles, headaches and general body weakness. High fevers and chills distinguish malaria from flu. The incubation period and severity of Malaria is determined by the type of the parasite causing the disease.

According to the article, a 2009 malaria report by the World Health Organization showed that there were 781,000 deaths resulting from 225 million malaria cases while 223 million cases and 985,000 deaths were reported in the year 2000 (Fraser, 2011). Various gains have been made in the fight against the disease with seven countries declared malaria free. In efforts to eradicate Malaria, many researches are dedicated towards development of vaccines though there is none that has been released in the market.

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The main efforts of controlling malaria focus on controlling the mosquitoes. Successful treatment is depended on early diagnosis. Education is crucial because it enables the population in identification of its symptoms. Insecticide coated bed nets have yield substantial impacts by malaria incidence by 35% (Fraser, 2011).

Personal Views about the Article

This article is quite informative on malaria menace and the gains that have been made so far. The article mentions that there are four types of malaria but does not divulge any details on these types of malaria, which leaves the reader with questions. There is an assumption by the author that the reader is well knowledgeable on how mosquitoes transmit malaria. The article does not give details of symptoms of malaria. The article lacks details of some of the critical issues that it covers. The article provides an overview of malaria, and it is quite informative for the general public, as they may not need such privy details.

Potential Impacts of the Information in the Article

The article is highly significant as it enlightens readers about malaria. Sharing information about any disease goes along way in reducing the negative effects of the disease. The high standards of information highlighted in this article could assist in saving lives through early diagnoses and treatment of the disease. Accordingly, it is critical to share information about malaria because the disease is prevalent in several regions of the continent. In addition to this, use of advanced drugs and vaccines is emphasized for treating the disease.


From my point of view, the article Malaria: A Major Global Killer is of immense importance in the dissemination of information on malaria. It highlights substantial steps in the struggle against malaria. An in-depth analysis of the article identifies the facts surrounding malaria. Sharing information on malaria is a critical step that could assist in saving lives through diagnosing and treating the ailment at its early stages. Consequently, the population at risk must live a quality life with effective vaccines and drugs for preventing and treating malaria. Currently, the world has made tremendous progress in battling this vital public health disaster. Other than engaging strategies to prevent and control malaria in the populations that are at risk, distributing information through such articles should be seriously embraced.

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