Millennials Say Marriage Ideal but Parenthood the Priority


A survey reveals that Americans, under the age of 30, have no value for marriage, but put the priority to raising up children. Millennials strongly feel that the best thing is to be parents. This is the case, though, quite a smaller percentage, like, 30 % of adults seem to have successful marriages in January 2010. With 42 % of Gen- Xers believing that being good parents was important, another 35% believe to have a successful marriage.

On the contrary, of the students whose parents were in the institution of marriage, a percentage of 32 believed that marriage is the cornerstone of society and should be embraced by everyone. Those who had parents who were not married had a belief that marriage was not that significant in life and that people could live without marriage. Pew and Time magazine prepared a report which connoted that marriage is fast becoming unimportant in life. On the contrary, many people who were not married and did not have any children wanted to get married and have children under the settings of the family; this constituted 70%.

Another percentage, 75, accepts the fact that it is easier when a family is raised when people are married than when there is no marriage. A professor who is based in the Cerlin University believed that adults who were young still value marriage highly and still want to get married even if they have children. This professor, Andrew, went ahead in his research that these adults now have many options than the former generations. They now are able to have children outside marriage.

Changing job markets could have contributed to this, and the increasing acceptance of having children outside wedlock help explain why more millennials would identify parenthood rather than marriage as very important. A report prepared by the Pew and Times found out that it is very unlikely for a Millenial to believe that a child must have a mother or a father in order to grow and develop well. The same report, from Pew, states that a smaller percentage of mothers in the millennial age and those of Generation X mothers are likely to be living in a relationship that is not spousal.


I believe that both the family and parenting are important aspects of society today. Family is the basic unit in society. I believe that it should remain the way it was where it was respected. I insist that the family should remain to be the basic unit in society. Most young people do not want to get married because of financial obligations. They argue that marriage is not necessary. With more women getting empowered, the rate of dependence is growing lower.

Marriages were meant for companionship and procreation. This should remain to be the case. With the disappearance of high-paying jobs, jobs that have been high paying, and the development of jobs that do not require high education credentials are factors affecting the trend.

It is also according to God that he wanted people to live in families. It was His initial plan. This has been the case and should remain to be this way. I fully support this plan. It has been practiced for a long time for people to get married. This plan helps people have a sense of belonging. Families have been the basis for relationships. If the institution of the family is being destroyed, then relationships are also being destroyed. It is important to ensure that families stand to be counted.

The issue of introducing contracts in marriages should be discouraged. This is not right. Marriages should be made to last and not to be for a period of time. Many couples in the United States are signing contracts in their marriages. This should not be the case. It is required that the institutions have a long time outlook. This will ensure that values are upheld in these institutions. Marriages that are done out of convenience will only last up to the end of the convenience.

Career another important factor I feel is pushing for deterioration of family values. Women are now getting empowerment in their careers and, therefore, are not taking family values to be important. They are busy chasing their careers and ignoring the family. I feel that family values should be incorporated into the learning career. This will help learners to understand the importance of the family while they are still in colleges and universities. This will help teachers and tutors air the various views and stands as regards marriage. It is almost synonymous that most learned people do not value marriages. They take it to be a preserve of the poor and unsophisticated.

This attitude should be changed so that marriages are also valued by those in high caliber. There should be role models from people considered to be of higher calibers teaching the low people and the unsophisticated. This will help boost the morale to push the journey further. To summarize, there is a need to ensure that the institution of marriage does not crumble down. This is the only way that marriage and family values will be espoused.

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