Mother and Baby Unit of a Hospital

Human dignity in patient care is a great concept in clinical ethics. It involves the individual’s sense of self-respect and self-worth. In a hospital, human dignity focuses on privacy, respect, and autonomy. It is influenced by cultural, social, spiritual, and religious factors. Privacy is one of the concerns in the provision of healthcare services. For example, a patient in the mother and baby unit can be HIV positive. Thus, it is upon the nurse to keep the information confidential and take good care of both the mother and the baby.

New Practice Approach in Nursing Practice

Nursing practices are roles, responsibilities, functions, and activities that a registered and a licensed nurse are obligated to perform. Competence in nursing is required and utilization of nursing knowledge and skills. The Discovery of new practices approach improves the quality of care and improves health outcomes. A scenario may involve a newborn, whereby the nurse should initiate skin-to-skin contact by laying the baby directly on the mother’s. This increases the bond between the mother and the child.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Interprofessional collaboration involves multiple healthcare workers from different professional backgrounds working as a team with the patients. In a mother and baby unit, interprofessional collaboration largely contributes to mother and child health. A mother and the newborn can experience some abnormal health complications and pain. Thus, collaboration in this scenario may include health professionals such as doctors, nurses, clinical officers, and parents working together to deal with the problem. Moreover, parental involvement in the management of infant pain is required.

Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems

A healthcare delivery system is an organization of people, institutions, and resources to deliver health care services to meet the health needs of a target population. In a mother and baby unit, the main functions of the healthcare delivery and clinical system is financing, insurance, delivery and payment. Coverage companies, employer groups, providers of care, and government agencies that work together to provide healthcare to a population are involved in the clinical systems. In this case, a mother may require medical services without health insurance. Therefore, doctors should ensure that such individuals are treated and educated about the importance of medical coverage and how to obtain insurance.

Ethical Consideration in HealthCare

Healthcare ethics involves autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence and justice. Autonomy honors patients’ right to make their own decisions, beneficence helps patients adverse their good, nonmaleficence does no harm to the patients, and justice ensures patients are treated equally, fairly, and impartially (Rasoal et al., 2017). A scenario may involve a mother who decides that the baby will not be immunized with the hepatitis B vaccine due to her cultural beliefs. Thus, the nurse should explain to the mother the importance of immunization and ensure that she understands that it does not interfere with her beliefs.

Practices of Culturally Sensitive Care

Culturally sensitive care requires the nurse to be respectful to everyone’s backgrounds, beliefs, values, customs, knowledge, lifestyle and social behaviors. It helps to provide culturally appropriate care and support to the patients (Lomotey et al., 2020). Patients are empowered to manage their health. Nurses provide patient-centered care by reflecting on patient’s cultures. For instance, a mother may decide that the spiritual healer should perform her baby’s treatment. Therefore, the nurse should examine the mother’s understanding of the treatment and ensure the necessary information is conveyed to make an informed decision.

Population Health Concern

Population health is an interdisciplinary, customizable approach that allows health practitioners to focus on practices that protect patients in the facility. It focuses on important health concerns and designs ways for appropriate resources distribution to overcome the problems driving poor health conditions in a population. For instance, a mother with underlying conditions may be exposed to healthcare-associated infections. Consequently, doctors should focus on mothers’ safety and ensure that they are protected to prevent them from developing other health complications.

Role of Technology in Improving Healthcare Outcomes

Technology in healthcare has become essential, whereby it involves the application of scientific knowledge. Health information technology has the opportunity to improve the health care in a hospital, reduce human errors, improves clinical outcomes, facilitates care coordination, and improves practice efficiencies (Guerra Júnior et al., 2017). A mother may give birth to a child with some health complication, and after discharge, the doctors should monitor the baby’s progress. Thus, telehealth can be used to enable remote monitoring of women and infants during and after delivery.

Health Policy

Health policy defines actions and decisions that are taken to achieve a certain healthcare goal within a society. It sets plans of actions to guide desired outcomes and fundamental guidelines to help make decisions (Oosthuizen et al., 2017). Some of the healthcare policies in a mother and child unit are patient care policy, which aims to provide standardization in daily operational activities that are critical to health and safety. A scenario may involve medication error due to negligence and lack of communication with the parent. Thus, health care practitioners should ensure that policies involving negligence in healthcare are observed.

Leadership Economic Models and Health Disparities

These are aspect driving healthcare that entails access to problems, fragmentation, unsustainable costs and health disparities. Nursing has vital contributions to healthcare reform and demands for safe and accessible healthcare systems (Liu et al., 2019). The economic models in health help reduce cost and make quality care. Good leadership from nurses ensures quality health care. In this case, a mother may be experiencing financial challenges to acquire treatment for her unborn baby due to a lack of adequate funds and insurance. Consequently, such issues can be limited by focusing on ways that can be exercised to ensure that unborn babies are insured with the parent.


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