Musculoskeletal Disease and Diabetes

In the post, the author provides information on musculoskeletal disease and diabetes. Though the post does not outline this, it is still relevant to notice that both conditions are closely related. Undoubtedly, if a person suffers from such metabolic disease as diabetes, he does not necessarily have issues with the musculoskeletal system and vice versa. However, diabetes mellitus is a cause of such musculoskeletal effects as muscle infarction and cramps, peripheral neuropathy, and stiff hands syndrome, to name but a few (Wyatt & Ferrance, 2006). Therefore, therapy of patients diagnosed with either of two types of diabetes should include preventive measures against musculoskeletal diseases.

In the part of the post dedicated to diabetes, the author claims that these patients should regularly check blood sugar and eat a balanced diet. Even though these actions are vitally important, there are other significant recommendations for people with diabetes. More precisely, they should cease smoking. Smoking is not recommended even for healthy adults; however, in the case of patients with diabetes, this habit worsens the effects of their disease (Zubizarreta et al., 2017). Moreover, smoking combined with diabetes mellitus increases the risk of having cardiovascular disease (Zubizarreta et al., 2017). It is also necessary to mention that people with diabetes should be physically active because this helps to improve their sensitivity to insulin and lowers the probability of heart diseases.

Overall, the post gives a comprehensive overview of musculoskeletal disease and diabetes. It makes a reader understand the causes and consequences of these diseases and also how to treat them. It was also interesting to know statistics on the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes in the US to understand the scale of this problem. It might be suggested for the author to include statistics on the frequency of musculoskeletal disease as well.


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