Nurse’s Role in Healthcare Promotion

Nurses play a crucial role in promoting health for various cultures and populations. Traditionally, nurses majored in mechanisms of preventing diseases as well as altering the contact of the population concerning their health (Giddens, 2021).

Nevertheless, their duty as health promoters is much more complex because they possess a multi-disciplinary understanding and experience of health in their career. Nurses play various roles such as educating patients, contacting follow-up treatment, and offering consultation services (Giddens, 2021). Such activities enhance the availability of healthcare services, decreases the symptoms of chronic diseases, increase cost-efficiency, and improve the experience of clients receiving these healthcare services (Giddens, 2021). Therefore, the role of nurses in promoting health in different cultures and populations results in positive health outcomes comprising improved quality of life, the patient’s better understanding of their illnesses, and self-management.

I might apply the Health Belief Model when planning for patient care by designing long-term and short-term interventions. Firstly, I would collect information by carrying out a health needs assessment to understand who is at risk and the people that should be targeted (Giger & Haddad, 2020). Secondly, I would inform the population about the effects of the health issues that are associated with risky behaviors unambiguously to understand the perceived severity. Thirdly, I would inform the population about the steps involved in taking recommended action and highlight the importance of the action (Giger & Haddad, 2020). Fourthly, I would assist in identifying and reducing barriers to quality healthcare.

Finally, I would demonstrate actions through developing skills and providing support that improves self-efficiency and the likelihood of successful behavior change (Giger & Haddad, 2020). Therefore, I would use these interventions in promoting health and disease prevention programs in the population.


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