Pathophysiological Changes and Abnormal Findings

Among the people with musculoskeletal disorders, low back pain is the most prevalent one, limiting person’s mobility, leading to several consequences. For example, it is common for people with musculoskeletal disorders to retire early from work, participate less in societal activities, and sometimes develop impairments connected to the lack of movement. For instance, a person with osteoarthritis, which is the leading cause of disabilities, has small joints of the hands and feet, they experience constant pain, and it is hard for them to move (Weiss, 2017). These infirmities are often related to the immense pain that needs constant medical attention.

Furthermore, considering metabolic dysfunctions, the most common change is the modification connected to the patient’s weight. If a person’s metabolism is too fast, it is common for them to be underweight, sometimes dangerously. These patients have to be continually overconsuming food to survive, similar to the case of ‘the ugliest woman’, Lizzie Velasquez (Bath et al., 2019). However, the other extreme is connected to the slow metabolism, which usually provokes obesity. The person is not typically overconsuming: they have excessive body weight, which sometimes results in severe physical dysfunctions such as inability to move.

Moreover, one of the significant multisystem dysfunctions is diabetes, which affects the metabolism of the person as well as their musculoskeletal wellbeing. The disorder quickly deteriorates one’s condition, which is why a person can experience a lack of mobility, excessive body fat, among other health issues. A patient with diabetes has to be always under medical surveillance and medication for the reason that the disease is proven to be deadly.


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