Primary Legal Approaches to Selling Sex

Juno Mac explains the primary legal approaches to selling sex, which are full criminalization, partial criminalization, the Nordic model, legalization, and full decriminalization. The speaker emphasizes the hardships that sex workers go through if the industry is banned in the country. If that is the case, workers attempt to find creative ways to cheat the system since they desperately need money for survival. Additionally, it increases the risks of the sex workers getting into violent situations with the clients. I agree that full and partial criminalization systems are degrading for sex workers, and they are primarily implemented due to the discrediting image of the industry. Such legal approaches cater to middle and upper social classes with financial stability; however, it presents additional dangers to needy people who can only resort to sex work. Ultimately, many people lobby for the criminalization of sex work due to the degenerating image of the industry, frequently not realizing the consequences of the prohibition on sex workers.

On the other hand, decriminalization of the industry might have a large number of benefits for both sex workers and society. Juno Mac presents the example of New Zealand, which has adopted decriminalization policies and has not seen an escalation in the number of sex workers. According to the speaker, decriminalization makes the industry much safer and decreases the amount of human trafficking and forced labor. I am convinced by the example of decriminalization and the fact that sex workers propose this approach themselves, and agree that this policy seems effective. Frequently, legal approaches to the problem are suggested by uninvolved people neglecting the objective concerns of the sex workers. Therefore, I believe that decriminalization of the industry is beneficial for society and sex workers.

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