Protection From Infringement and Discrimination

In the context of the situation related to the protesting women from Irvine County, I advocate for the victims of unwanted treatment and procedures rather than doctors who have committed crimes. In this case, the private side regulated particular interests by implementing their initiative and thereby influencing the interests of a limited and very clearly defined circle of individuals. The women strengthened and defended their positions, opinions, and beliefs. The doctors who encroached on the life and health of women could not escape responsibility. A group of victims defended their full rights to protection and support according to legitimate principles. Based on the provision, all the victims are linked together and were led to achieving the correction of existing injustice – this is called private ownership. Thus, joining the general resentment and indignation, every woman was obliged to achieve justice and equality.

As the subjects of law, women have equal legal status, opportunities, rules of conduct, and actions established by legislation and the same scale of subordination to procedures and norms defined by law. According to experts, carrying out unwanted gynecological procedures without the patient’s consent is misconduct, a crime, and a public offense (Flores, 2020). Due to the targeted complex of medical interventions, patients had adverse effects and complications. Infections and various diseases in women received during a medical examination by Amin are cruel and merciless “treatment” towards a particular minority group (Flores, 2020). Therefore, everyone deserves respect for their rights and protection from infringement and discrimination, regardless of who they are – immigrants or natives. All people are united by origin, structure, and biological nature, and there is no natural division into higher and lower in society. Hence, this concept is noted at the legislative level and on the specific principles and norms of morality.


Flores, A. (2020). Women detained by ICE told members of congress they underwent unwanted medical procedures. BuzzFeed News. Web.

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