Quality Control and Assurance in an Organization


Quality Control is a process that seeks to improve the overall quality of a product or service through systematic evaluation of product or service attributes. In contrast, Quality Assurance is an activity that aims at ensuring that products or services meet defined requirements and standards at all times (Alzoubi, 2021). Quality Assurance should be implemented by the entire organization, while individuals or departments within an organization should implement quality control (Botezatu et al., 2019). The Author’s claim is supported by the time spent working in Dubai’s five-star hotels, where the Author observed similar issues with both procedures. The Author found that without proper implementation of both techniques, it was difficult for employees to identify problems within their departments or for managers to identify issues across departments. Quality control is an important part of the Quality Assurance process in any organization. The relationship between quality control and assurance has been defined as an intricate relationship. It is improper to assume that each one is a complete replica of the other in any organization. The text establishes the relationship that exists between quality control and assurance in terms of their effect on organizational change.


Quality control ensures that customers receive what they expect from a particular product or service when they buy it. This quality check involves checking the product to ensure it has been manufactured according to its specifications before selling it. Quality assurance ensures that a company has taken all necessary steps to ensure the production process works appropriately to avoid losing customers’ trust.

The relationship between quality control and quality assurance is a complex one. The two are often confusing, with some believing that quality control measures are only valid when used together with other quality assurance measures. The article by Alzoubi (2021) argues that this is not the case and that there are many different ways to implement quality control and quality assurance at a hotel. The most important thing to consider is that quality control and quality assurance are two separate functions that must work together to get a product from point A to point B without any problems.

Quality control is part of the value chain where errors are found and corrected before the product reaches the customer or market. Quality assurance is part of the value chain where customers can see what they’re getting, which helps them decide whether they want to continue buying from your company (Botezatu, 2019). Quality control is usually a much more manual process than quality assurance, but it is crucial to ensure that every step along your supply chain is perfect. For example, if specific individuals are making someone else’s product, they must ensure that all production steps have been followed without bias, even if they are not their products.

Quality control is an essential part of every business’s operations. It ensures that products are produced as they should be so that customers get what they pay. Without quality control, there would be no assurance that your products were being made according to specifications or regulations, which could result in severe consequences for the company’s reputation if customers were not satisfied with their purchase (Alzoubi, 2021). Quality assurance is another crucial part of every business’s operations.

Quality assurance ensures that employees work at a high standard and follow procedures correctly. Otherwise, it can lead to injuries and other issues that can significantly impact the company’s bottom line. These issues can be evidenced through lost productivity; time spent dealing with these problems rather than focusing on making sales or providing services customers need or want. Alzoubi (2021) states that both functions are integral to an organization’s overall performance and general competitiveness. The procedures help ensure that products or services are delivered consistently across different locations within the same company, even if those locations have other customers and markets. When this happens, an organization can increase its market share, ultimately increasing shareholders’ profits.

Quality control can be done by either an existing internal or external team. A company may have an internal quality control team that checks all products before leaving the facility. However, it might also hire an outside firm or agency to perform this task for them at another location (Alzoubi, 2021). In many cases, companies will use both methods to ensure quality and that everything meets their standards, even if there are errors in some parts of production processes. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two different aspects of managing product quality. Quality control ensures that products are manufactured to meet their specifications so they can be sold confidently to customers. This technique involves testing materials for defects like cracks or missing parts before assembling them into final products.

Quality assurance looks at how well employees follow these procedures to ensure that products are delivered on time with no defects or problems during shipment or delivery. This strategy means that quality assurance is necessary for quality control to be successful. While these two sides of the process seem like they should be opposing each other, they are both essential for creating high-quality products and services. As described by Botezatu et al. (2019), quality assurance is a crucial part of the quality control system that guarantees the correct application of quality management’s various components. This system means that both sides must work together to ensure that all aspects of a business’s product or service are completed correctly before reaching customers. Quality assurance ensures that all parts of the manufacturing process have been properly executed and documented. This exercise ensures that the process can be replicated in other areas of operation without error or human error occurring again, thus ensuring consistency in production processes over time.


In the context of any business or organization, quality control and quality assurance are two of the most critical concepts in the field of quality management. While both terms are synonymous, there is a distinction that has to be made. Quality control can be considered a subset of quality assurance, as it focuses solely on the measures taken to ensure that a product or service is produced carefully and with high-quality standards. Quality assurance is based on providing that processes and procedures in place are efficient and effective, reducing any opportunity for errors to occur. The main aim of employing these two techniques is to achieve high customer satisfaction.


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