Social Media Networks’ Role in Modern Society

Modern people in the contemporary world are necessarily users of social networks. People have their accounts on several networks simultaneously for different reasons. One person also has several accounts on one site, one for personal purposes and the other for business. Social networks offer many opportunities for communication, entertainment, and education, but more recently, they have also emerged as crucial marketing components. Social networks are now fully-fledged sales platforms, whereas, in the past, they were only used by brands to advertise and inform about their activities. Social media profile has evolved into the primary means of self-identification since a person’s account gives the public an impression of their life.

Facebook is the best social media site, in my opinion. This social network combines entertaining, intellectual, and communicative opportunities successfully. While the news feed allows users to see updates in friends’ lives, Facebook Messenger lets people communicate directly with contacts. Users can simultaneously subscribe to news sources and educational channels, filling their feeds with publications. Facebook offers games, videos, and live broadcasts in addition. The platform is constantly being improved in the direction of the developers’ primary goal, which is to bring people together.

The least convenient and underdeveloped platform right now, in my opinion, is Pinterest. Since the profile includes pictures, users strongly emphasize visualization here. Sharing gorgeous images for others to admire and dream about—and for yourself—is the key to Pinterest success (Coles, 2014). If people need to discover visual references or articles that go in a specific direction, Pinterest may be helpful. Pinterest is also not user-friendly; images must adhere to specific quality standards and size requirements. Pinterest and Instagram allow sharing images, but Instagram still gives more options for following people and brands, as well as showcasing personal life. The main drawback is one-sidedness because Pinterest makes communication difficult and has fewer tools than other social networks.

The influence of television is gradually decreasing, and YouTube is replacing it today. As video is the most effective way to combine visually compelling content with information that has to be communicated, I will use YouTube for professional and personal purposes. Building a personal brand is the best path to career success. Developing a personal brand is the best way to become successful in career. YouTube will provide an opportunity to combine a personal blog and professional content. In order to make professional connections, it will also be necessary for me to keep up a presence on Linkedin. LinkedIn allows the customer the chance to ask specific questions that user can respond to, LinkedIn groups are especially helpful during the sales process’ awareness and evaluation phases (Belew, 2014). This social media platform is useful for publishing content on business-related subjects and can be used to look for employment or workers. Twitter is a different social media platform that is crucial to utilize. It is essential for speedy contact with the audience and enables conversation with those from other statuses and nations.

In the readings, Facebook is referred to as the platform with the most tools, so the authors made the strongest case for using it. Facebook has evolved into the quintessential Silicon Valley firm, but it is also a major media company and one of the biggest advertisers in the world (Bucher, 2021). Facebook has made significant progress in marketing and has produced a variety of valuable tools for building a brand, a store, and advertisements. The setup of all the tools is pretty simple on Facebook, making it very straightforward to switch between personal and business accounts.

To summarize, a modern person can use many social networks that differ in their features. Each person and brand should choose the platform that best reveals all their features. Today, social networks and the growth of their popularity inside them are essential to marketing.


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