Sustainable Development Goals Good Health and Well-Being

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of interrelated goals developed by the UN General Assembly as a plan to achieve a better and more sustainable future. The implementation of the SDGs will allow society to move on to a more sustainable path of economic development, create an equitable distribution of benefits in the community, and significantly reduce the risks for future generations’ development. The theoretical and practical research of the SDGs is vital for establishing the aims for long-time efficient development of society.

Azizpour, H., Balaam, M., Dignum, V., Domisch, S., Fellander, A., Langhans, D., Leite, I., Nerini, F., Vinuesa, R., & Tegmark, T. (2020). The role of artificial intelligence in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Nature Communications, 11(2), 233–243. Web.

The article is devoted to analyzing the role of Artificial Intelligence implementation in different spheres related to the SDGs. The researchers are concerned with increasing inequality rates of AI-wide spreading usage. Scientists offer strategies to avoid unequal digital resources distribution based on the SDGs. One of their major points is to focus on developing the SDGs aims in poor countries. Another suggestion is related to the AI policies limiting ownership rights. Thus, the paper is highly relevant for the topic of the SDGs. It has a unique focus on AI implementation, ensuring the efficient planning of these technology-related problems and challenges.

Quote. “We encourage researchers and funders to focus more on designing and developing AI solutions, which respond to localized problems in less wealthy nations and regions” (Azizpour et al., 2020, p. 234).

Mazzucato, M., Messner, D., Nakicenovic, N., Rockstrom, J., Sach, J., & Schnidt-Traub, G. (2019). Six transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Nature Sustainability, 2, 805–814. Web.

The article focuses on analyzing the problems in realizing the SDGs. The researchers divide all the spheres where the goals are set into several blocks, such as digital revolution, energy decarbonisation, and others. The research covers various spheres and provides a detailed overview of practical aspects of SDGs realization. The discussion is also supported by arguments based on real-life examples. The work provides the well-developed practical and theoretical planning of all spheres where SDGs are proposed. The correlations between SDG spheres are clearly depicted and help comprehend the general idea of society’s transformation. The article is highly relevant for discussing the SDGs as far as it analyzes the combination theory and experience of the countries.

Quote. “We first consider which key interventions are necessary to achieve the SDG outcomes and how their implementation might be organized into a limited set of six Transformations” (Mazzucato et al., 2019, p. 805).

Brandli, L., Criebeler, J., Filho, W., & Salvia, A. (2019). Assessing research trends related to Sustainable Development Goals: Local and global issues. Journal of Cleaner Production, 208, 841–849. Web.

The article is correlated with the theoretical aspect of the SDGs implementation. The researchers compare the practical examples of realization of the goals in different countries and regions. Based on the acquired data, scientists assess whether the results are comparable with the theoretical elaboration and expectations on this topic. The conducted research shows that there are many challenges in the practice of SDSs, even in well-developed countries. According to the article’s authors, this sphere requires more theoretical developments. The work also highlights the universal nature of SDGs, which is challenging to be applied in practice due to the regional differences.

Quote. “This research has identified the fact that many SDGs are being addressed by experts around the world according to their experience and research area, pointing out emerging issues between these SDGs and the main local issues and challenges in each region” (Brandli et al., 2019).

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