Telemedicine: Benefits and Advantages

Telemedicine is a vital component of the modern healthcare sector, which becomes more topical because of the development of technologies and their integration in different spheres. Supporting this way of providing services to clients, it is possible to attain better outcomes during pandemics and reduce the speed of infection spread (Maese et al., 2020). For this reason, the bill promoting the further evolution of the technology acquires the top priority for the modern healthcare sector in the USA.

Statistics show that about 15% of Americans experience problems with access to demanded care because of the poor infrastructure or the absence of facilities (Brown, 2016). For this reason, telehealth becomes a good solution to the given problem. In numerous cases, the in-time provision of information, consultation, and visual examination might help to prevent further deterioration of the situation and undesired outcomes (Somani et al., 2020). From this perspective, the further development of telehealth becomes the desired intervention that might help to attain success in reducing the number of problems linked to the complicated access to care.

Moreover, the pandemic and the need for social distancing along with the increased workload for healthcare demonstrate the vulnerability of the system and its inability to provide care to all patients regarding quarantine measures. Under these conditions, telehealth becomes a tool that might help to increase security levels for health workers and provide them with methods to consult patients from different regions and control their states (Brown, 2016). In such a way, it is possible to conclude that by supporting the policy aimed at promoting telehealth, it is possible to facilitate the positive change in the healthcare sector and minimize the level of new cases among patients caused by the complicated access to care or different services.


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