The FAIR Communication Model During the Interview

Encryption by Wall Street Journal

In the current communication between Tim Cook and a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, the facts are presented not clearly because many items remain unrevealed or poorly explained. For example, the reporter says about national security law enforcement and the role of Apple in this process (Wall Street Journal, 2016). However, it is hard to clarify what contributions are considered. At the same time, enough relevant facts about a backdoor in the software or the significance of encryption in modern society are given to develop conclusions about Apple’s role in predicting violent behaviors. Thus, this communication is not perfectly factual from the point of the ethical communication model. Still, most interview elements are accessible and clear in terms of motives and offered information. Cook’s goals are properly described to justify encryption in Apple’s products. Although some information or real reasons could be hidden, most stakeholders get the opportunity to make reasonable decisions. In addition to factuality and accessibility of communication, attention should be based on its potential impact and respect. Cook mentions the audience from time to time to underline that the theme of privacy and security in technological devices’ usage touches everyone around (Wall Street Journal, 2016). This communication can help others learn why encryption is an obligatory step for all populations, not just to expose bad guys but to determine what bad should mean in a particular situation. In general, this communication is respectful to the participants and the audience. Despite the impossibility of explaining all intentions and justifications for encryption, Cook and the reporter recognize people’s dignity and desire to know as much as possible about the idea of privacy in the encrypted world.

Credibility by Michael Finley

Michael Finley is the speaker in the chosen video about credibility in leadership. His speech meets almost all the elements of the FAIR model of communication. For example, he begins with clear statistics to underline the importance of the offered topic and mentions that 51% of employees do not trust their senior managers (Leadership Roll Call with Michael Finley, 2017). This fact is relevant to the point of credibility in the workplace. Besides, this video is built on strong arguments about why credibility is vital and what factors contribute to its promotion in any managerial process. As such, a solid and catchy introduction, a question, and a solution are properly offered in this communication, which proves its accessibility. No information is hidden or missed for purpose, and the author explains each aspect of his discussion. Therefore, this material will impact stakeholders in a variety of ways. It is not enough to specify the worth of credibility but to help the stakeholder implement it by developing respectful, honest, trustful, and knowledgeable relationships. Talking about respect in leadership should be associated with the promotion of respect in communication. Although not much attention is paid to self-worth and dignity, a neutral observer may consider this speech respectful and educative. Finely does not want to identify the weaknesses of leadership but helps improve the situation and strengthen leadership skills (Leadership Roll Call with Michael Finley, 2017). His communication increases people’s awareness of successful management using simple hints and human relationships. Thus, it is correct to say that this communication is fair because it contains appropriate facts, has definite motives and goals, affects and intrigues many stakeholders from different spheres, and shows respect to listeners.


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