The Negotiation Etiquette in Business

Negotiation is an essential skill that young professionals should learn. The talent is based on people’s ability to listen to each other and find ways to manage conflict through compromise. When hiring, candidates can assess their strengths through consistent job analysis tactics and determine if negotiations are possible and worthwhile. The article suggests following the seven rules, which focus on such vital points as a complete review of the position and its evaluation in the job market, the candidate’s ability to change the company’s offer to his side. In addition, professionals should follow the rules of business ethics and conduct a professional dialogue in a polite tone. The article also draws attention to the fact that not every vacancy is worth the effort, and if the negotiations are deadlocked, it is better to consider something else. In summary, the material offered is essential for understanding negotiation tactics and outcomes.

Companies are often happy to cooperate and agree to the candidates’ proposals in as many as half of the cases. Negotiations can also be seen as a demonstration of leadership skills and the ability to manage a team. A candidate forms a position and offers it according to company bylaws. In an epidemic and post-epidemic environment, the job market suffers mainly from workplace hazards, especially in hospitals. The consequence is understaffing due to fear of illness so that candidates may qualify for more favorable terms (Soubry, Rosen & Tsioumani, 2021). For example, in hospitals, wage levels have risen with the growth of workers. The situation is the opposite in other industries, as people lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Now there is a recovery period, and companies are trying to attract more people. It is the reason why negotiations are promising for both sides.

The proposed material gives an idea of the mechanism of hiring. As a future professional, I should pay attention to the peculiarities of business communication and ethical points. In addition, the market conditions of the intended profession did not previously concern me as much, but now I am thinking about evaluating the market. To summarize, the article provides a basic understanding of negotiation etiquette and structure and insights into understanding the candidate’s benefits and opportunities.


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