The Praxis Electronic Medical Record System

There are many technologies used in the modern health care environment, and they considerably facilitate the provision of professional services to patients and make work easier for specialists. Electronic medical record (EMR) is a technology that my colleagues and I utilize on a daily basis, and it provides many benefits. Specifically, the Praxis EMR system offers a variety of useful features which make managing electronic medical records more efficient.

The Praxis EMR system and a computer are the only tools used in my workplace to run the EMR technology. Praxis EMR system can be installed on the computer or accessed using Remote Desktop Protocol (“Praxis,” 2022). In order to use the system, staff needs to receive basic training, which is provided as part of the product package. It is easy to navigate the system, therefore, it does not require a high level of proficiency in the EMR technology. At the same time, the system is used by many professionals working at the organization. For instance, physicians utilize the Praxis EMR system to record patient information, gain access to test results, create prescriptions, and even receive clinical reminders. Additionally, the Praxis EMR system offers decision-support tools which help physicians in their work and allow them to print patient instructions. Nurses use the Praxis EMR system in order to categorize patient medical records and prepare them for other personnel, including physicians, and for the purpose of insurance.

The Praxis EMR system, as well as the electronic medical record technology in general, benefit both patients and all members of the medical personnel. For instance, by using the Praxis EMR system, providers and nurses can keep information about each patient stored in easily-accessible locations. Moreover, the system provides medical workers with an opportunity to print as many copies of the test results of the patient as they wish, therefore, they do not fear losing certain information. The system also benefits patients since it enables them to have printed prescriptions that have clear instructions and medication names that they can take to the pharmacy (“Praxis,” 2022). Additionally, the system lets providers spend less time doing the paperwork, which allows them to focus on their patients more, which is positive for both parties. Finally, it saves money because it removes the need for transcriptionists who are often employed in medical organizations to type out recorded notes.

The Praxis EMR system, as any EMR solution, has both problems and advantages. The key issue with the system concerns the storage of the sensitive data of patients. Essentially, the information in the case of the Praxis EMR system is usually stored in the cloud, which can be potentially hacked. Moreover, the cloud storage servers can be destroyed, which will also entail the loss of important data. Thus, in order to solve the problem, it is possible to expand the number of backup options to ensure that sensitive information is always available in the case of an error or hacking attempt. The primary advantage of the Praxis EMR system is the overall improvement of care since it enables personnel to work more efficiently and effectively. Another key advantage is that it lets organizations save space that previously was reserved for keeping records of patients. Finally, the EMR system allows several professionals to access the same medical document at the same time.

The electronic medical record technology and the Praxis EMR system, in particular, make the work of modern healthcare professionals more effective. The Praxis EMR system is a universal tool that is used on a daily basis by numerous medical workers. At the same time, the Praxis EMR system may fail, which can lead to the loss of important data, yet, it still delivers many benefits to medical personnel and patients.


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