The Watson Caring Institute: Website Overview

Watson’s website is a site for The Watson Caring Institute, a non-profit organization intended to look into the study and practice of human caring created by Doctor Jean Watson. The homepage has a header made up of the organization’s logo and a navigation menu. This menu is precise, having links including Home, Dr. Jean Watson, About, Programs, Shop, Members, and Connect, leading to essential parts of the site that clients may find interesting.

Dr. Jean Watson, the institute’s founder, and director leads to a page where her biography, achievements, and mission are outlined. The ‘about’ link opens up a series of categories under which descriptions of the purpose, mission, and vision of the institute, programs, partnerships, and affiliates. The ‘programs’ option consists of the different systems through which members can be educated and become part of the institute.

Still, on the menu, the ‘shop’ option provides options of donations, books, gifts, the caring store, account information, and other institution services such as video subscriptions at a cost. The ‘members’ link leads to subscriber log-ins, their respective pages, and a means of joining the organization. Lastly, ‘connect’ opens up to show how the organization can be contacted, Carita’s quotes, news, and how information is relayed like newsletters.

The content area is made up of two sections. A menu that consists of options linking site visitors to the information that might be found intriguing and slide shows displaying its brief statements. It has links on each slide that lead to that specific part of the site. The footer on the website shows the contact information of the organization behind the website. We also find a call to action asking for donations and a widget meant for translation purposes.

In conclusion, the website is clear and precise, easy to read and navigate, and credible. It is well presented and comfortable to use as it provides an option for people speaking different languages to translate the site to their respective dialect. It is mobile-friendly, meaning it can conform and fit on the screen of other devices regardless of their size. It is, therefore, a valuable source of information and service as indicated in the organization’s description.


Watson Caring Science Institute. Watson Caring Science Institute.

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