Three Best Healthcare Organizations


Health administrators oversee all the day-to-day administrative activities of healthcare facilities. An administrator is required to supervise and also plan all medical services in a health facility. Some of the significant responsibilities of a healthcare administrator include; informing employees of new office policies, developing a work schedule, ensuring all medical records are kept up to date, monitoring different departments’ budgets, and preparing accurate financial reports. The following are some of the best healthcare organizations to work with as healthcare administration.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC)

UPMC among the biggest hospitals in the US in terms of the number of patients they can admit at a time. It was founded in 1893, and has up to 8000 beds, and is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The hospital is integrated globally and is a nonprofit facility with up to 92,000 staff members (UPMC Facts & Stats | Health Care Provider & Insurer-Pittsburgh, PA, n.d.). The health facility is a major private employer in Pennsylvania state and is a historical and academic center that provides various programs to students in the university.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre has different renowned centers they excel in, including neurosurgery, cancer, transplantation, and rehabilitation. The children’s hospital in the medical center has been ranked as the best by World report for a long time (UPMC Facts & Stats | Health Care Provider & Insurer-Pittsburgh, Pa., n.d.). The medical center provides high-quality services at low and affordable prices, making it popular and highly ranked in the US (UPMC Facts & Stats | Health Care Provider & Insurer-Pittsburgh, Pa., n.d.). The health facility integrates more than 40 hospitals and seven hundred out of patients’ sites and offices. It is also the largest insurer in Pennsylvania state with up to 4 million people insured.


  • The health facility is innovative and uses new technology in the health plan for various society segments that will offer affordable and high-quality services.
  • The facility offers wellness, health, and productivity programs at the workplace, ensuring that all the employees are healthy and perform to their level best.
  • Lastly, it has launched several programs abroad, like cancer centers and new hospitals that will provide cost-effective services.


  • The facility is always full most of the time, hence the employees are overwhelmed by work.
  • It contains many hospitals abroad, and this might require one to obtain an immigration certificate or a work permit of the country they are posted to.
  • The hospital has many programs and new hospitals coming up, which might be challenging, especially in how they are all managed.

Orlando Regional Medical Centre

Orlando Regional Medical Centre is situated in Florida and was established in 1918. The center has a bed capacity of 1579 beds and was formerly known as Orange Memorial Hospital. The center is the only level one center for trauma in Florida that treats more than eighty-five thousand patients in a year (ORMC Map & Directions, n.d.). In addition, the facility is the only one that provides air ambulance services in Florida. The hospital has forty-three thousand staff members, and it serves more than six hundred and forty thousand residents in Florida.

The hospital offers different services, including cancer care, at an affiliate called Orlando Health Cancer Institute. The facility offers one of Florida’s best and comprehensive cancer treatments, which includes screening, early detection, and treatment (ORMC Map & Directions, n.d.). Another service offered is critical care which provides intense therapy to patients through focused care and close monitoring. The center also provides trauma and emergency care which is beyond a typical emergency provider. Finally, the hospital offers treatment to people suffering from heart disease by using recent technology.


  • The hospital offers excellent benefits to their employees, like competitive salaries and home-life and work-life programs, hence higher motivation, leading to quality work.
  • It uses recent technology to offer health solutions to its patients, hence many patients surviving.
  • The facility is the only one that uses air ambulance facilities which enable them to save more lives and reduce the duration of time people have to wait for ambulances to arrive.


  • The facility has many programs offered, hence that would call for more labor force to ensure all the patients are well catered for.
  • The number of services offered is high, and the hospital would be better if it specialized in a smaller number of those services and provide excellent services in the field.
  • The hospital is only situated in Florida, but it should consider moving to other states and providing affordable services.

Methodist University Hospital (MUH)

The health facility was founded in 1918 and is situated in Memphis, Tennessee. It has a bed capacity of 1383. It is ranked number eight in the nation, compared to other hospitals specializing in pediatric services (Methodist University Hospital – Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, n.d.). MUH is the primary teaching facility of the University of Tennessee and is considered the largest and the most comprehensive center. It has employed up to ten thousand staff members, making it the second-largest private employer in Memphis. The medical center initially did not have its ambulance system and could depend on funeral homes’ ambulances to get the sick to the hospital.

The hospital specializes in some services that are not common in most health centers like, breast health and mammogram. This focuses on detecting breast cancer early and finding ways to treat it before it becomes worse (Methodist University Hospital – Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, n.d.). The hospital uses unique technology to detect cancer cells in the breasts, in the hospital, or the convenience of a mobile unit. Another service the hospital specializes in is diabetes by offering classes to people suffering from diabetes and support groups that encourage people to eat healthily. The other service provided to their clients is depression and anxiety management, which might be caused by substance abuse or stress. Lastly, MUH offers solutions to all the problems and ensure that their clients decide on the best method they find fit. In addition, the professionals ensure that patients understand all their symptoms and signs to make the treatment process more straightforward.


  • The facility uses high technology to offer services to their customers, making them renowned in the state.
  • They offer classes and education to their patients, especially those suffering from lifestyle diseases, which helps them control the condition quickly.
  • The hospital is used by university students, which helps them learn and also become innovative.


  • The bed capacity is smaller than other hospitals; hence, it would be convenient to add more space.
  • Given the population in Tennessee, the hospital should employ more personnel and more space to serve the people in the state effectively.
  • The health facility should offer more training to employees due to the change in technology used often.

Based on the pros and cons of healthcare facilities, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre would be at the top of the list due to their innovations, wellness programs at the workplace, and affordable programs. Orlando Regional Medical Centre will come second after UPMC, majorly because of the high technology and the significant benefits they provide to their employees. Finally, Methodist University Hospital will follow, since they have high level of technology and offer education to their patients.


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