Transsexual Operations: Objective Analysis and Personal Attitude

Texas state was always considered one of the most conservative, in terms of political views, regions of the USA. Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott suggested investigating transsexual operations concerning ‘child abuse issues. More specifically, the politician developed the idea that by misusing children’s freedom of choice, young adults might consider processing gender changes under society’s influence, which significantly polarized this issue recently. Even though the correct response does not exist, the main question in the community is emphasized on the degree of children’s liberty of choice in terms of responsible gender change operation.

From the legal perspective, it is impossible to implement properly adapted rules of gender operations due to the significant responsibility diversification in the USA’s legislative system. As a result, some institutions might promote or block any suggestions, which provokes durable debates throughout the process of development. For example, the Texas state child welfare agency suggests analyzing Mr. Abbott’s proposal, while the district attorney claimed they would ban the suggestion (Ghorayshi). I think that such diversification in the legislative system is a negative factor since the community cannot adopt any rules due to the considerable distribution of political power in the government. As a result, young adults are unprotected from external influence, which might ruin their future if they change their opinion after maturity. Even though there should be liberty of choice, young adults under 18 years old should be limited from taking those decisions that might negatively change their future. That is why people under 18 or 21 years old are restricted from making tattoos, buying alcohol, or signing full-time job contracts.

At the same time, it is critical to consider the health issues that would follow the gender change operation. On the one hand, transgender teenagers admit they are more inclined to attempt suicide (Ghorayshi). In this case, social problems for transgender representatives might even worsen if they consider their decision before achieving a certain level of financial independence since a person cannot gain money without sufficient motivation. Moreover, personal problems might impact their performance in society. They might become more closed to the external world and even dangerous for society due to their unwillingness to cooperate with other individuals. I consider this a significant problem for such a developed society as the USA. As a result, it is critical to provide at least a general investigation of the possible psychological danger of gender change for young adults.

On the other hand, numerous physical issues reveal after gender operations directly influence adolescents’ length of life. For instance, transgender young adults are obliged to take puberty-blocking drugs that affect testosterone or estrogen male and female hormones production (Ghorayshi). As a result, by continuously taking such drugs, the transgender individual might lead their body to absolute fertility loss, which might be a serious threat to the US society’s development in the future.

To conclude, the degree of young adults’ liberty of choice should be determined by the degree of the decision’s influence on their future. When it comes to gender change operations, it is crucial to provide a general investigation of the negative outcomes of transgender operations for young adults. Based on the research’s results, it would be possible for governments to apply specific restrictions or liberalizations to the legislative system. Even though I am not confronting gender operations directly, I am opposed to unweighted decisions that might impact the rest of someone’s life.

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