Violence: Researching of the Concept

Emotional Neglect

Emotional abuse is significantly distinguished from physical abuse, a serious form of abuse that leaves trauma in the child’s soul. Tactics of emotional abuse include humiliation, unfairly blaming the child, and punishing the child for the slightest detail. Moreover, when a close person refuses to provide emotional support to a kid and threatens to hurt the child, it is also harmful to the child’s mentality. Consequently, kids become depressed and feel they are not needed in this world.

It is interesting to note that an example of emotional neglect can be when the caregiver prioritizes the other children and demonstrates this. Furthermore, the emotional impact on the child also consists of isolation and terrorization. If a child is isolated from society and menaced, it causes a high-stress level. Depraving and exploiting a child consist in the fact that they are used only for profitable purposes or sexual acts (Wallace et al., 2016). Consequently, emotional abuse manifests itself in many forms and has different signs. It is significant to summarize that the distinction between normative parenting methods and emotional abuse is that in the second case, the baby suffers from the actions or inactions of the one who is raising them.

Sibling Abuse

Sibling abuse is a dangerous phenomenon that, unfortunately, is common in social practice. Not everyone pays attention to it, although it carries a severe threat and can have long-lasting consequences. It includes physical, psychological, or sexual abuse or a combination of all of these. Abuse can come from other children in the family or adults. One of its forms is serial abuse, it has no specific features or time frame, but if a person has already been seen harming a child, it is very likely to be repeated with siblings. Moreover, abuse is thought to happen in dysfunctional, neglectful families, but it is also expected to occur in affluent ones (Wallace et al., 2016). Furthermore, many maltreatment subjects are victims of sexual abuse. Thus, sibling abuse is particularly traumatic; therefore, it is imperative in social interventions to keep one child and his siblings out of danger.

Child Labor

The International Labor Office in Geneva has created special international norms intended to prohibit illegal child labor. Thus, they have seen three categories of work that violate international rules. It is the work of underage children, unsafe labor conditions, and inducing children to bonded labor and other illegal activities. Although, it is essential to emphasize that it is normal for children to help their fathers in the household, and they have certain responsibilities. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between work that is feasible for kids and required for their education from exploitation.

The main characteristic of exploitation is that children do not go to school and suffer from unreasonable labor at low wages. Especially noteworthy is the fact that children are forced to be mugged in the streets or wash the windows of cars (Wallace et al., 2016). At the same time, street employment is unsafe because children can enter prostitution or other illegal forms of labor. Thus, kids’ work contributes to their education, but it is not necessary to force the baby to do things that can humiliate them or are too difficult for them to do. Accordingly, parents and guardians must provide the children with everything they need without exploiting them.

Types of Ritualistic Abuse

Ritual violence is a type of abuse that has many forms and variations. The main ones are: physical, psychological, and sexual. Physical violence should be understood as both bodily abuse and forcing a person to commit any actions. Stigmatization, torture, and deprivation of basic needs are examples of physical ritual violence. Thus, the victim becomes more vulnerable, the psyche is violated, and it becomes subordinated to the cult’s demands. Sexual ritual violence is often used along with physical one. It is accompanied by exceptional cruelty; the child may be subjected to group violence or forced to have sex with an animal. Blood, semen, or other bodily fluids are often used, and photographs and videos are taken (Wallace et al., 2016). Psychological abuse involves the destruction of the child’s personality and their ability to resist. The most well-known method is complete isolation or sleep deprivation. Thus, any form of ritual violence has an irreparable psychological impact, and the victim loses her mind and personality. It becomes the cause of psychological disorders and requires very long therapy for the victim to return to everyday life.

Megan’s Law

It should be noted that prisoners are prone to sexual abuse, and various programs specializing in their treatment exist to correct them. Such therapy is not always successful because there is a famous case of the murder and rape of a seven-year-old girl by an inmate in 1994 (Wallace et al., 2016). After that, society pushed for a law; under which former criminals must be registered in law enforcement records.

Laws passed by states all share specific characteristics. That is, they note a responsible body that assesses the level of risk and reports it. Depending on the importance, messages can be sent to special organizations, community residents, or the media. Offenders must also declare that they may be under the control of justice. Meanwhile, community organizations must make regular inquiries concerning information about offenders living in their area. Later, the Adam Walsh Act was passed, requiring former prisoners to be on the register for 15 years, 25 years, or the rest of their lives (Wallace et al., 2016). At the same time, a common database of DNA and fingerprints is essential for all states to respond to a crime quickly. In this way, the legislation passed helps keep offenders from committing crimes of a sexual nature.

Mental Issues and Domestic Abuse

Mental disorders significantly affect family relationships and the quality of communication between partners; moreover, they are direct causes of violence. A psychological disorder is a deviation from past behavior, a change in a person’s thoughts and emotions resulting from an abnormal disease. The most common condition is schizophrenia, accompanied by hallucinations and disorganization of thinking. Another type is bipolar disorder, which leads to severe mood swings and performance. Equally rare is depression, which causes constant negative emotions and affects safety and social relationships (Wallace et al., 2016). One reasonably new psychological problem is a violent mood disorder characterized by outbursts of anger. A premenstrual disorder also affects a woman’s mood and loss of control over her conduct.

Moreover, anxiety disorders are the most frequently diagnosed mental health problem in the United States. They are accompanied by certain restlessness, fear, and panic. Equally dangerous are obsessive-compulsive diseases, which consist of obsessive thoughts that are not inherent to the person’s character. Mental disorders affect many people’s and their partners’ lives (Wallace et al., 2016). They cause the loss of control over behavior, so they endanger both the individual and his surroundings. Their treatment is critical because these problems force or stimulate one or both partners to act violently.


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