Vision, Change, and Leadership

A vision has a significant role in how change is driven since it serves as a connection point between what the future holds and the present. In the minds of those whose future is affected by what they envision, a vision is a significant aspect that influences how they develop (Rai, 2020). Moreover, it helps them clarify and communicate the steps that a leader must take to realize the necessary changes. Change is often associated with establishing new strategies and ideas, and vision is critical in ensuring this is achieved (Rai, 2020). Therefore, a vision drives change, and further, it occurs when change is underway.

The value of having a vision can be attributed to the realization that comes with the need for change. Together with the benefits that a vision brings to change, it helps change by enabling a person to stay focused, aligning attitudes and behaviors, and the essential activities for success to manifest (Rai, 2020). Furthermore, a vision is responsible for placing purpose on the activities that help actualize change. That shows that it is impossible to have and maintain a defined or clear path (Rai, 2020). Vision helps change since it offers an individual to start taking small steps that cumulatively contribute to the desired goals.

Vision needs visionary leaders since they have the essential foresight that helps them achieve the set goals. Visionary leaders are responsible for setting clear goals and outlining the responsible strategic plan that helps achieve the set goals (Rai, 2020). Moreover, visionary leaders ensure that teams are equipped and empowered to take the appropriate action plan to achieve vision at the individual, team, and organizational levels.


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