Women’s Global Empowerment Fund and Visionary Feminism

The purpose of this work is to describe and analyze the social activity of a modern feminist organization. Despite the fact that it may seem that in modern realities feminism is no longer as relevant a movement as it was in the 20th century. However, many of the problems that this political direction is struggling with are still not completely eradicated. Modern feminist activity can be expressed in collective practices, the association in which is aimed at overcoming social problems that indicate the infringement of women’s rights in specific aspects of everyday life. Having analytically examined these activist groups, it becomes possible not only to realize the depth of certain social vices, but also to assess the power of collaborative assistance in an attempt to overcome them.

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is an organization focused on finding and providing material assistance to women in need. The social injustice that the Fund is fighting against is poverty, one of the main and sometimes seemingly insoluble vices of modern civilization. In an era when the exchange and circulation of money occur more often than ever, paradoxically, the border between the differently wealthy classes of society is expanding. An additional problem with this financial gap is also expressed in how it affects the cultural environment in which the less well-off population lives. In a situation of poverty, less protected family members, such as women, can be much more marginalized and disenfranchised. Problematic existence in a low social stratum deprives women of the opportunity to discover their identity, which is one of the founding ideals of feminist ideology.

In the view of feminist activists, a woman should have the right to autonomy, that is, self-sufficiency and independence, self-development and self-expression. However, all these seemingly inalienable qualities refuse to be revealed, or are suppressed due to social disorder. Low income and limited living conditions are fertile ground for manifestations of chauvinism, as well as simply for suppressing one’s own aspirations or inclinations for the sake of elementary survival or feeding the family.

The mission of the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is a collective organization for the preparation of special programs that could affect the level of poverty around the world, providing women of marginalized castes of society with new economic opportunities. In a situation of really low financial security, the rights of women and children can be limited to almost complete absence. The Fund described in the essay is particularly concerned about the situation of gender inequality in African countries, where poor living conditions lead to extreme chauvinism and misogyny. The problem of poverty in certain places is so high that it is partly responsible for the increased levels of violence and gender injustice – lack of money is a block to further development. The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund has partnered specifically with the Volunteer Action Network to provide support programs for the women of Northern Uganda and their families.

In order to reduce poverty, the fund conducts special seminars and courses in Africa on microfinance, budget management and loans. The ability to invest and manage loans to exaggerate funds has the potential to give African women a sense of self-reliance and real financial independence, as they will clearly know how they would like to spend their money. Additionally, within the framework of the Credit Plus program, statements are held to improve literacy, business skills, leadership development or the preservation and promotion of health through lifestyle practices (Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, 2020). Importantly, by teaming up with other foundations and volunteer organizations, the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is focused on creating a platform for effective communication and overcoming internal and external barriers between women in Northern Uganda. Lesser members of society thus receive a platform in order to reveal themselves, to feel control over their own lives and to find themselves in unity with people who are also not indifferent. The programs developed by this Fund not only overcome the financial disadvantage of women, but also give them self-determination and motivation, which is no less important for gaining control over their lives.

One of the Fund’s slogans is “Girls with dreams become women with vision”. The meaning of this phrase lies in the fact that the programs developed within the framework of the Fund are able to teach a woman who was brought up in oppressive conditions and enslaved within masculine social institutions to see reality as something that can be transformed. The autonomy that the Fund seeks to teach Ugandan women is truly valuable. By gaining the ability to operate with money, one of the primary problems that determine a dependent person is solved – their financial instability or dependence.

It is important at the same time that the Fund perceives communication and collaboration as the basis for changing the world for the better and making it a fairer place. The Fund invites everyone to contribute financially in overcoming the social crisis in Uganda, and also welcomes volunteers. Anyone with training and experience can participate in the development of the project – for this, it is enough to contact the representatives of the Fund by mail. By inviting people to participate in the project, Women’s Global Empowerment Fund proves that it is with cooperation and collective interaction that the problems of modern society become at least a little closer to resolution.

Correlating this activity with the ideas of bell hooks, it is impossible not to note their semantic correspondence to the utopian images of Visionary Feminism. Founded by writer, philosopher, and human rights activist bell hooks, this trend puts feminist conflict above the field of opposition between men and women. Not only men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, but in principle all people. The philosopher shifts her focus from gender equality to human equality regardless of gender identity, race, or social class. It can be said that, in essence, the Fund’s volunteer activities strive for absolute equality between people. That is why volunteers are trying to solve the problem of poverty and social lack of independence – economic weakness can cause the social element to fall out of the structure of society.

Based on economic problems as the cause of chauvinism and gender inequality, the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is trying to give women full independence and independent thinking. Teaming up with other Funds and accepting help from caring people around the world, activists increase the level of erudition and independence among African women. The Fund’s aspirations clearly correlate with the ideas of feminism as equality, and express the ideals of a future in which both socio-economic divisions and prejudices based on the dissimilarity of people to each other will be eliminated.


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