An Analysis of Services Provided for Older Adults in Ontario, CA

Ontario, California Demographic Information

The recent census data of the Ontario community in California estimates that the city has a population of around 176,463 persons, of whom 135,580 are adults; over the age of 18. Of the adult population in Ontario, California, 36,708 members of the senior population are seniors, and 4,463 are veterans (Ontario Population (2020/2021), 2021). Various community services have been put in place to help provide programs and services that are inclusive and centered on the needs of the older adults in the community. The main aim of these community programs is to provide services that ensure the community’s senior population remains independent.

Community Resources

Aging Services

There are some organizations in the community that has set their priority to help the seniors and those living with disabilities, allowing for these members of the society to live independently and safely in the comfort of their homes. An example of such an organization is Home Care Assistance; they provide senior adults with one-on-one support. As a premier provider of home care, they have qualified and compassionate personnel of caregivers.

Home Health Care Services

This is a broad range of health care services done from home for an injury or illness. This type of healthcare service is affordable, convenient, and similarly effective to the care provided in a healthcare facility. These services include therapies, personal care assistance, and medical care, allowing the senior adults to access the care and help they require without leaving their houses. There are more than five home health care agencies that provide this service in Ontario, agencies such as Adept Home Health Services, PrimeCare Quality Home Care Inc, Alpha Home Health, etc.

Memory Care Services

This is a service that is designed to provide a safe space with routines to reduce the stress level of senior adults suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Agencies have well-equipped facilities with well-trained employees who help the patients with personal care and feeding. The employees help engage the patients in activities designated to better their cognitive function and engage with patients in different stages (Kovaleva et al., 2021). An example of a facility providing such services in Ontario, CA, is Best Care Guest Home. They provide help to older adults that require assistance with their daily living routine. Some of the amenities available at Best Care Guest Home include support programs, physical and onsite occupational therapy, and family counseling.

Long-Term Care Services

These are several services that are designed to help meet the medical and non-medical requirements of individuals in a community. These individuals may be living with disabilities or chronic illnesses, rendering them unable to care for themselves for an extended period. This type of service can be provided in the community, in assisted living facilities, at home, or in nursing homes. An example of a facility offering this kind of service in Ontario, CA, is AdvantAge Ontario.

Assisted Living Services

Assisted living facilities allow senior adults to remain independent for as long as they can while involving their families and community. Some of the services offered in these facilities include wellness programs, assistance with activities like eating, bathing, and dressing, round-the-clock security, and health services. Brookdale North Euclid is an example of a facility that provides Assisted Living Services in Ontario, CA.

Researching the community services in Ontario, California was eye-opening; a considerable number of Ontario’s Population are senior adults. The Population is growing at a slower rate. This means that soon, the number of those people who need assistance with daily living routines will gradually increase. This is alarming because there are not enough facilities to accommodate everyone. Presently the community has excelled in acquiring modern tools and equipment, educating and training employees to help care for the elderly. However, as noted earlier, the number of residents who require care will most likely outnumber that of caregivers unless something is done. “Over the past ten years, the population aged 65 and over increased from 37.8 million in 2007 to 50.9 million in 2017 (34% increase), and it is projected to reach 94.7 million in the year 2060.” (Administration on Aging, 2018). With aging, the requirement for caregiving also increases.

Recommendations and Conclusion

To begin with, the government should organize mass training of caregivers seeing that in the future, the current number of caregivers is likely to be outnumbered. This would ensure that in almost every household in a given community, there are at least one or two trained caregivers. This means that any senior adult in that home that requires help with their daily living routines can be assisted without having to check into a caregiving facility, helping to minimize the cost. Aside from having enough trained caregivers, communities should also invest in establishing more caregiving facilities while maintaining the current ones in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and budget considerations. The Ontario community in California is doing everything possible to ensure that they are cared for to their satisfaction.


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