Intercultural Group: An Emerging Practice

Presently, one of the most important assets of an organization is the level of intercultural competence of its employees informal. In order to meet the request, many companies that specialize in cultural education and provide information on adaptation to the international market appeared. Intercultural Group is also an organization that has already managed to provide quality training for many clients and take the business to the next level (InterCultural Group, n.d.). The company has competent staff, including consultants, who determine in what way it is possible to improve intercultural aspects within a particular business.

The Intercultural Group offers several services, such as international team building. It unites completely different personalities, promoting cooperation and teamwork. The essential point is that it enables businessmen to organize a team of foreigners who work together to achieve a collective goal. Therefore, modeling such situations will support in practice to work effectively with people from various cultures in one company to create a strong team by developing contacts and bonds (InterCultural Group, n.d.). Accordingly, organization submits an intercultural learning service. It has many benefits for both participants and businesses. For ordinary members in instruction, the value lies in the ability to confirm or refute ideas about other cultures. At the same time, for business, such training will admit beginning dialogue and cooperation with partners from new cultures.

Moreover, one of the interesting models offered by the organization is intercultural intelligence. It is used to effectively negotiate and do business in diverse settings (Abbott & Salomaa, 2016). That is, its use allows a person to quickly interpret unfamiliar manners and customs. The company elevates and develops people’s skills and, consequently, future employment opportunities. It is cross-cultural flexibility that provides a competitive advantage in business, especially when applying for a large international project.


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