Beiersdorf Belgium: The Internship Opportunity


Brief History

Beiersdorf was founded on March 28, 1882, by Paul Carl Beiersdorf in present-day Hamburg. The founder had a deep knowledge of physics and started by building a laboratory that offered services to doctors. Beiersdorf collaborated with Professor Gerson to develop a process of manufacturing medical plasters. In 1890, Paul sold the laboratory to Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, who expanded the company (Beiersdorf, n.d.b). In 1892, he built a new factory in Hamburg, which functioned and stills functions as the company’s headquarters (Beiersdorf, n.d.a). The new facility produced branded products such as Labello and Nivea. International success started in 1893 when the company signed a deal with US trading company Lehn & Fink. Troplowitz was driven by innovation and was convinced that cosmetic care products were a great opportunity for the company (Beiersdorf, n.d.b). To this day, the establishment follows some parts of its strategic orientation (Neus, Stadler, & Unsorg, 2020). Beiersdorf became a public limited business in 1922 and has enjoyed steady growth and expansion to new markets.

The Products Offered and Target Market for Beiersdorf Products

The firm has been in the cosmetic care area since the 1900s. The corporation’s most famous product is Nivea which has enjoyed over 100 years of success. Other than Nivea, the firm also produces and sells Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, Hansaplast, 8X4, Florena, Coppertone, Hidrofugal, Gammon, and Chaul (Reckenderees, 2018). The products described above are skincare products and address different skincare needs. Other than cosmetic care products, the corporation also produces pressure-sensitive adhesives such as tesa Sugru moldable glue (Beiersdorf, n.d.a)It has allowed the business to venture to different markets in the world, which has increased the company’s revenue. The corporation targets both the youths and older generations with different goods. The business has an anti-aging skincare product called La Prairie. The organization wants to be close to the consumer of their products and has launched several initiatives to understand the consumer needs at a deeper level (vom Brocke, Fay, Bohm, & Haltenhof, 2017). Most of their goods focus on people aged 18-35 years who have a relatively high income.

Departments and their Functions

The marketing and sales department is one of the most important for the company and helps research and understand what customers want, need, and think about their products. The information from the consumers is used to develop marketing concepts and sale strategies for the products (Beiersdorf, n.d.b). The digital marketing and e-commerce department is responsible for creating online content for brands and products and engaging and offering rewards to the company’s social media followers. The section also deals with communicating with online retailers and helping build a common digital mindset of the business (Beiersdorf, n.d.b). The finance and controlling department is concerned with corporate accounting, formulating, and implementing financial goals.

The finance division is crucial to the success of the organization and ensures that the company financials are healthy (Čabrilo & Teodorović, 2019). The Human Resource department deals with recruitment, training and development, and appraisal of staff. Effective management of human resources is necessary for the success of any organization. The supply chain management department is crucial to the distribution of the company’s products to other markets (Xia, 2018)The section is important in ensuring that distribution is flexible and reliable to ensure consumers get their products on time.

Internship Activities and Responsibilities

Position and Core Responsibility

Beiersdorf Belgium had an internship opportunity for a student who would offer support to a variety of projects. I took up the opportunity because I met the requirements stipulated by the company. My responsibilities were to help with monitoring client health, helping with infrastructural maintenance, and automating work steps. The first day on the job involved a meeting with the supervisor, then a walkthrough of the premises, and finally being shown my workplace.

Working Conditions and Incentives

The company offers workers flexible working hours, which ensures that it has a high retention rate. As an intern, it is impossible to access all the benefits that full-time employees get. I was provided with a working space fitted with a desktop computer which enabled me to perform my duties. We held a meeting with the supervisor in the morning to discuss the activities for the day and any challenges I had encountered. The opportunity to exchange ideas with experienced researchers and staff members helped in enhancing my skills and competencies. I was able to apply my skills in scripting, active directory management, and windows server update services.

Strengths and Constraints of the Company

The company has established an efficient production system by basing its production sites in different countries. The firm has research centers in India, Mexico, and China (Beiersdorf, n.d.a). The company has enjoyed a strong cosmetic products portfolio since its inception. One of the most famous products is Nivea, which is available globally (Wulle, 2017). The company also has an efficient distribution and global network that enables it to provide its products to consumers around the world (Behling, 2018). I was able to assist in infrastructural maintenance, which contributed to the efficient running of the company. The organization’s focus on research and development means that it is always ahead of its competitors (Reckenderees, 2018). One of the drawbacks for the company is the unequal growth of brands which affects the revenue targets.

Assessment of the Internship and Skills Developed

The internship was an important moment in enhancing my skills. I was privileged to work in an internationally recognized company. I was able to practice the skills I had learned in class and gain more skills. I was part of the team that handled infrastructural maintenance, which involved assessing the information systems of the company. Assessment of information systems is done to ensure that the systems are safeguarded (Lopes, 2017)Additionally, I was involved in automating and developing concepts and standards for the implementation of IT solutions within the Beiersdorf Belgium branch. Also, I participated in the management of server updates which ensured that the company processes run efficiently. This helped enhance my skills in windows server update services and automation. The role I was given required accuracy and attention to detail, and the supervisor was demanding. This gave me an insight into how to work in a high-pressure work environment.


In summary, my experience at Beiersdorf changed the way I view working in a demanding environment. I was provided with the opportunity to practice the skills I had learned in class. The internship helped me gain confidence in expressing myself and enhanced my teamwork skills. I was able to interact and exchange ideas with experienced colleagues. These skills and knowledge will be useful in the future when I start full-time employment. The experience at Beiersdorf was instrumental in understanding how the skincare products sector functions. I learned about the importance of research and listening to customer’s needs.


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