Nursing Professional Portfolio Development Strategies

The portfolio is quite essential in today’s world, especially when evaluating one’s performance and accomplishments. Milestones on the path to success are chances for progress that must be relied on when reached (Maloney & Woolforde, 2019). The portfolio will assist in achieving a higher position among other qualified candidates, stand out when seeking new career possibilities, and help thrive in practice. Nursing professional development is also related to reaching specific academic goals using several strategies.

One of the portfolio development strategies is continuous education. Focusing on continuous education and becoming an expert in patient care has been demonstrated to significantly increase professional growth possibilities (Sadler, 2018). It is advantageous to be able to participate in and contribute to colleagues’ ongoing education by participating in different seminars and workouts, which later can be added to the portfolio. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet someone with prior experience and benefit from participating in discussion panels or workshops (Stambaugh & Anderson, 2017). The second strategy worth focusing on for portfolio development and professional development is to obtain certification in a specific nursing practice area. Certification improves employment chances by boosting professional confidence and displaying a better clinical competency, which can result in higher wages, for example. Advanced certifications are also linked to a decreased risk of complications among patients and lower rates of ‘failures in rescue.’ Moreover, certified nurses have been demonstrated to make more confident judgments and to be more engaged in their work as a result of their certification. Having an advanced certification and being able to pass it on to peers can only assist patient care and social change objectives promoted by the University.


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