Customer Satisfaction Service Development

There are a considerable number of factors that directly affect customer satisfaction with a company’s service. These factors may seem insignificant at first glance, but they play a decisive role in a customer’s ultimate experience with a company. There are a variety of measures aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, which differ depending on the type of organization. Some companies even have different services that work to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of the essential services in the company because it is responsible for customer gratification, the chance of their return, and the company’s recommendation to their acquaintances. The work of this service makes it possible to turn visitors into customers and customers into regular customers. A high rate of consumer return depends directly on the impression they receive. Therefore it is imperative and, simultaneously, complicated to ensure that customers feel comfortable and convenient at all stages of interaction with the company. This paper will present three suggestions to improve the customer experience with the company, all of which will address different aspects of the organization’s service.

As a first suggestion, consider the situation of a business customer traveling with SAR. Currently, customers of this type can take 32 kilograms of luggage with them, which is implied by one purchased ticket. It is possible to divide this value into two bags, such as 20 and 12 kilograms each, which could make the luggage transportation process and its preparation more accessible and convenient for the customer. This solution aims to increase customer satisfaction and the chance of the customer continuing to choose the business class.

Also, customers often have trouble understanding the timing of their trip. Customers who choose night trains 76 and 79 often get their times confused and expect them to be day trains, which creates a lot of embarrassment and dissatisfaction for people. To solve this problem, or at least reduce its extent, it is necessary to introduce the practice of sending letters explaining train times. This system could additionally warn customers about when they should expect their trip.

Finally, it always takes quite a long time to scan each ticket. Even when tickets are purchased in one booking, each ticket is scanned separately, which takes up passengers’ time and increases their discomfort. If this is technically feasible, work should be done to allow only one ticket in a shared reservation to be scanned, which could speed up the process for all parties. It would also increase the quality of service and the company’s competitive performance regarding the average passenger time it takes to start their journey. Moreover, reducing the time of this procedure would streamline the entire company, as the time saved could be used to provide other benefits.

Thus, separating luggage for business class passengers, implementing calendar mailings, and working to reduce the time it takes to scan each ticket could have a positive impact on the customer experience, which could provide a greater chance of them using the company’s services again. Moreover, customer satisfaction could also impact brand awareness, as the customer experience drives customers to promote the company in their circles. The overall success of an organization depends mainly on such seemingly insignificant decisions, but together they characterize the organization’s attitude toward its customers and shape its image in people’s minds.

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