The Tru Royalty Travel Firm’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Funding Goal and Length of the Campaign

Tru Royalty Travel (TRT) is a revolutionary business to organize international trips for students, couples, and individual clients. It plans to offer the Student Watch service to ensure constant oversight by security officers in the case of trips for school-aged children. It is planned to start the service’s operations in October 2022. Crowdfunding has been selected to proceed with TRT’s first project and organize the security team’s operations (and access to tracking equipment) in an educational trip of a group of U.S. students to Prague. Using the Indiegogo platform, it is planned to raise 8.000$ to prepare for conducting business operations and creating the security team. The campaign will last for 40 days, which has been identified by crowdfunding platforms as the ideal duration; in case of concerns, the deadline can be extended by 20 more days (Indiegogo, n.d.).

Image, Title, and Description

The title and image for the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign can be seen below.

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

The following description will be used:

“Tru Royalty Travel is raising funds to revolutionize safety maintenance practices with student youth groups traveling abroad. We need your support to proceed with the first Student Watch Service project in October 2022. In it, Tru Royalty Travel will organize a security team to maintain the safety of 10 low-income students with hearing impairments during the trip from the U.S. to Prague.”

Perks to Offer to Campaign Investors

Thanking individual investors is a crucial measure to express gratitude while also providing them with the opportunity to establish other meaningful collaborative relationships with those encountering their names and contact information through TRT’s media products. Three perks will be offered in this case; first, all investors will be listed on TRT’s Facebook page. Second, the investors will receive gratitude letters from the team, and they will be able to use them as part of their business portfolios. Third, TRT will be filming an advertising video during the planned first project. The agent will create a video on how the security team works and guarantees children’s safety. Ten donors providing the largest investments will be offered to choose between two options. Option one is participating in the ad by providing a brief video of themselves explaining the reason for donating to TRT. Option two is having their name mentioned in the video’s opening scene.

Crowdfunding Pitch Text

The following pitch text will be accessible to potential investors:

  • Summary: Seeking to serve different consumer categories, Tru Royalty Travel will use a novel trip organization approach with the Student Watch service offered to young travelers. The business’s philosophy is inseparable from the values of security and the recognition of educational trips’ ability to raise the quality of education, inspire healthy curiosity in learners, and stimulate learning through experiencing foreign cultures.
  • Idea: Tru Royalty Travel seeks to take safety during educational trips for students to the next level by implementing a 5-step specialized security plan. The plan will be realized in our first project, scheduled to take place in October 2022. Within its frame, ten underserved U.S. students will be supervised by a trained security team on their 4-day trip to Prague.
  • Project leader: Kristy Wells, an independent travel agent, will be responsible for implementing the project and reporting its outcomes.

Social Media and Business Sites

The crowdfunding campaign’s page will also feature links to online resources enabling investors to learn more about the agent and TRT. First, the agent’s Inteletravel web page will be mentioned to support potential investors in ensuring the project’s trustworthiness. Second, the Facebook page that details TRT’s activities will be listed among the resources.

Ideas for Using Social Media to Create Interest in the Campaign

Finally, there are two ideas peculiar to using Facebook to advertise the campaign and draw attention to it. First, posting a brief description of the campaign to the agent’s personal profile and asking friends to repost it will be possible. Another strategy refers to starting a Facebook event page devoted to the campaign, posting the necessary information and descriptions, and setting a like and share competition for friends and other users in close proximity to the agent’s place of residence. Users can be asked to share the post about the campaign and avoid removing it until the end of the campaign. Using promo codes or coupons, as well as T-shirts or bags with TRT’s logo, the agent can randomly select 10-15 users and send them the gifts.


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