Employment Test and Its Components

Initial Screening

The primary purpose of this stage at Cedars is to determine if the potential employee has the necessary level of qualifications for the needs of the resort. An interview for a General Manager position will be conducted by telephone, with a complete description of the company, and the job, and responding to any questions the contender may have. Correspondingly, the recruiter will question the candidate in order to assess soft and time management skills and interpersonal communication abilities. Asking about previous employment and customer service experience is crucial (DeCenzo and Verhulst 148). The recruiter will also investigate when the candidate is ready to start work and if he or she is ready for a probationary period. This step will not involve an offer of a face-to-face interview, but salary expectations will be discussed with each possible employee.

Completed Application

After the phone call, the candidate must fill out an online application and email it to Cedars. It will primarily contain contact information and data regarding education, experience in luxury resorts, hard and soft skills, and accomplishments. Furthermore, the application should indicate the levels of foreign language mastery, as Cedars has an extensive database of clients from diverse continents. Erroneously filled-out forms will be a severe reason for rejection. The candidate should sign the application, guaranteeing the integrity of the information provided (DeCenzo and Verhulst 149). Letters of recommendation are desirable and will be a bonus, but recommenders’ names are not required.

Employment Test

At this stage, an assessment of the cognitive abilities and correspondence of the declared skills to the actual ones will be assembled. The candidate will be obliged to pass a work sampling and performance simulation test. It will evaluate the potential employee’s capabilities during the actual work at Cedars. Moreover, a cognitive test with a time limit is required (DeCenzo and Verhulst 152). It enables one to comprehend how a contender works under stressful conditions, how quickly he makes decisions, and how developed his consideration is.

Comprehensive Interview

Conditional Job Offer

Only applicants who have completed the application accurately and meet the Cedars requirements will be invited for an interview. The results of the tests will also be considered, and individuals who have not passed the real job simulator test or have a low percentage of cognitive skills (below 65) will not be admitted. All other candidates will receive a formal invitation and will have the opportunity to meet the recruiter and potential director. The discussion will be comprehensive to assess the level of motivation, values, and personal characteristics of the individual (DeCenzo and Verhulst 154). The recruiter will ask specific questions and notate the answers, based on which each candidate will be evaluated.

Reject Applicant

After each has been evaluated and approved by the director, the top five candidates will be invited to go through the next stage. The rest will be rejected through e-mails, with the recruiter thanking you for participation and justifying the reason for the denial concisely. The recruiter will suggest the possibility of further cooperation at another time when vacancies become available.

Background Examination

The fifth stage involves a conditional job offer and implies that if the following examinations are acceptable, the applicant will be offered the position. The Cedars recruiter will verify the integrity and accuracy of the application data. The candidate must agree to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements and fill out a form before the background check (DeCenzo and Verhulst 159). Calls to former employers will be made to evaluate the employee performance on a scale of one to ten. Diplomas and other documents required for legal employment will also be inspected with E-Verify.

Medical/Physical Exam

The General Manager of a large resort requires stamina; therefore, physical qualities will be considered. The candidate’s ability to stand and work long hours in high temperatures is critical. Each applicant will pass a drug test, and failure will be an immediate reason for rejection (DeCenzo and Verhulst 162). Furthermore, it is necessary to justify the suitability of the examination to the job requirements.

Job Offer

Those candidates who pass all the tests will be invited to a second interview, which will be the primary decisive stage for the candidates. The head of Cedars will decide the most appropriate employee; one person will be selected, and the rest will be rejected for the principle of the previous ones.

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