Future Marketing of Coffee and Its Production


Agricultural goods are seasonal, easily damaged, and big in quantity but of relatively low value, need additional processing, and are not robust enough for long-term storage, thus making marketing a crucial factor for agricultural firms. If you want to do your own marketing, you may either do it yourself or hire an agency. Farmers got disgruntled as additional marketing companies were engaged in the process, which resulted in extended marketing channels.

Coffee has been termed the most consumed drink globally. Global studies have noted that coffee is currently sustaining over 100 million people and thus rated best among the highest worlds export commodities. The agricultural sector has gradually improved since the existence of coffee. Every year, the estimated number of coffee users increases by an average of 90 million people. In accordance with the data, 12.2 million farms are involved in the production of coffee beans. This has resulted in an increase in the supply of coffee. Academics have predicted that the coffee industry would expand at a rapid pace as a result of the increasing demand from both the producing and emerging nations hence increase in value pricing. This is achieved by companies using bots hence come up with the best price.


The General Market for Coffee

Robusta is the most generally cultivated kind of coffee in Africa; on the other hand, Arabica is the most widely cultivated variety in North and South America. Temperature and precipitation levels have the greatest impact on these species, which are the most vulnerable to climate change. As a result of this fungus, coffee plants, especially Arabica varieties, are more vulnerable to harm when planted in the shade. Progress reports on the marketing of coffee are designed to let farmers and entrepreneurs see how far they’ve come and what’s ahead of them in a clear and concise way, which is the major purpose.

Research done on the global market by most coffee-producing countries has been at the forefront in predicting whether there will be an increased rate of about 5.5% yearly in the production of coffee. Studies show the existence of an increased demand rate for coffee from developed and developing countries. Customer participation has been identified as the modern way of product development. This aspect has served an important role in trying to maximize the coffee processing companies’ reputations with the existing customers without any existing relationships.

The current market outlook has been characterized by a bullish attitude on the part of the coffee producing industry. This is in reference to the historical development of coffee production. One of the most important ingredients in achieving a competitive advantage in the coffee goods industry was the need to develop distinctive coffee products that stood out from the competition in the market and had a strong attraction to coffee buyers. The rate of coffee consumption throughout the globe is steadily increasing, mostly as a result of the development of better, more inventive methods for brewing and supplying it to customers.

Drinks statistics carried out on the coffee drink clearly indicate that the most commonly used coffee beverages include Cappuccino, breve, and Americano. The consumption of espresso-based coffee beverages has been seen to be increasing at a faster pace than the general population. Coffee drinkers have always loved the irresistible coffee flavor, thus making a percentage of 65% just due to its taste. The increasing rates of coffee importation and exportation in France and the Netherlands have ever been among the fastest coffee-growing exporters since 2015. Over a long period, Brazil and Belgium are experiencing a gradual reduction in the volume of coffee exports. Currently, Brazil is known to be the best coffee-producing country worldwide and is closely followed by Colombia and Vietnam. The quality of coffee produced is always most desirable to the fact that a large number of people enjoy taking high-quality coffee. Thus, coffee consumers are now driven into buying the best quality coffee products from the coffee manufacturers known to be the best in coffee production.


Branding of the existing contemporary coffee shops has become part of the modern lifestyles mostly practiced by the youth. The strategy is always affordable for anyone to manage adequately. Coffee shop logos are a wonderful starting point for web marketing campaigns because of their ability to accurately express the brand’s visual and linguistic uniformity. Instagram and other social media sites may be used for this. Hence, in order to calculate the quantity of verbal and visual components included in the coffee brand activity, the content used to construct the coffee brand is primarily employed.

Pricing Policy

Pricing plays a very important role in customers’ choice of buying products. Thus, it serves as a significant factor in the determination of business profitability. Price fluctuations in coffee have ever been a great problem for coffee farmers because they have been so fearful about whether to continue investing in coffee production or stop. Accordingly, there has been a lot of fluctuation in the pricing of various farm-gate prices and the costs of production at the industrial level throughout time. Most of these coffee farmers have experienced difficult times, especially making long decisions on the possibility of increasing the amount of coffee produced. Coffee importers have also been caught up in this whole drama. They are now to experience pricing changes as a result of poor climatic conditions that were subjected on the farms due to undesirable weather patterns.

Product Promotion

The design of coffee packaging and sustainability labeling should be up to conveying a particular message to the coffee consumers that, at times it includes quality appreciation in the coffee customer’s mind. The coffee customer brand preference was geared towards providing a positive customer experience; customer satisfaction has to serve as the main factor for retention. Coffee products branding and packaging design easily attributed the aspect of ready-to-drink coffee beverages impacted customers’ perception of customer repurchase intentions. Branding, packing, and content sensory qualities were the primary marketing methods that coffee shop owners used to increase client repurchase intentions for their accessible coffee goods.

Life Cycle Assessment of Coffee Production

Life Cycle of Coffee Production
Figure 1: Life Cycle of Coffee Production

Coffee is usually believed to be environmentally friendly and healthful since, after harvesting, the coffee cherries are typically immersed in a pigmentation tank to enhance their color. They are thereafter moved to the duple, after which the processed coffee is sent to a warehouse for storage for the next 90 days. It will have to be transported from the warehouse to the processing facility; after an investigation, it was determined that the majority of farmers wish to expand. When it comes to coffee, this becomes more obvious throughout the growing, processing, and transportation phases.

Uncontrolled Variable


The need to develop and improve the quality of coffee by the appropriate making of business regulations for partners and establishing a good harvesting technique is essential. It’s important to effectively prioritize the quality of coffee products as the best way of enhancing product competitiveness in the global market. Coffee farmers and processing plants need to establish a favorable platform geared toward an effective comparative advantage that supports all parties in achieving everyone’s goals in the global market of coffee. Most coffee organizational skills have come up with coaching approaches and institutional management that is always aimed at improving the welfare of the coffee companies.

Coffee dealers, like their clients, emanate invigorating sensations as they sell their products. Due to the fact that most coffee shops are designed to portray pleasure and optimism, coffee firms have developed an attitude of an optimistic brand to promote their products. Customers’ likes and preferences are taken into consideration at these coffee shops, resulting in exceptional customer care. Customers have always received what they wanted and paid for when a well-established and focused customer care department is in place. Due to the uniqueness of the experiences delivered in their services, their expectations are often elevated above and above what they anticipate.


Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet, and it also serves as a significant source of income for a large number of individuals. It is undeniably true that the coffee business has always been on the increase as a result of the advancement of contemporary technologies. There are a large variety of coffee goods available on the international commercial market. As a result of coffee’s influence, both developed and emerging nations have grown more reliable amongst one another.

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