Health Policy Values As a Health Care Quality Factors

The Alma Ata declaration states that the international community should strive to provide universal and accessible healthcare across the world (Green, 2007). Quality healthcare is a basic need for the well-being and comfort of all citizens in our nation. Landsman (2009) points out that for human beings to have a peaceful and comfortable living, their basic needs ought to be met. He adds that man is a rational being who has the ability to evaluate and investigate why and when things have gone wrong. We live in a society that should be self-sufficient due to the fact the human race has the ability to devise solutions to most emerging challenges.

My major belief is that all citizens of this nation must recognize that they need each other. They must coexist by complimenting one another. On this note, all healthcare institutions need to prioritize the well-being of all people in the United States. Moreover, it is an ill practice to prioritize profit-making in our health system at the expense of patients’ well-being. The healthcare sector in our nation must realize that the lives of citizens are at their stake. They need to formulate health policies that are driven by unity, love and peace. It is impossible to have a healthy nation if the spirit of care and philanthropy is not cultivated among our policymakers.

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In terms of health cost and quality, the chief objective of a health care system should be to ensure that a healthy status of the population is maintained. Almgren (2007) advises that governments should learn to respect the value of human life if health care and other public utilities have to be credible. The health care provisions available in our healthcare systems must incorporate the fact that society has needy people who can only live by being supported by the state. All citizens should be allowed to access healthcare services. Our health policy should be navigated by a major goal of reducing the cost every person pays to get health services.

Almgren (2007) notes that it takes moral maturity for a leader to focus on welfare for the people who are being led. Many policymakers lack the ability to come up with inclusive policies which are patient-centered. This is because the social sets of values they cherish only accommodate the philosophy that if you have to get it then you must earn it. There are several hospitals and health care insurers who do not accommodate persons who finance to cater for their treatment (Griffin, 2011).

Health care policy is the most critical part which influences the quality of healthcare in every nation (Green, 2007). All the stakeholders in a healthcare system are influenced by several factors. For instance, patients’ receptiveness is highly affected by their spiritual and religious orientation. For instance, some religions do not allow family planning therapy. On the other hand, health care insurance companies in this nation have been influenced by the prevailing political ideologies. Hence, healthcare has been affected by the high medical rates being charged since they have to comply with the national standards of health care payments (Griffin, 2011).

There are outspoken flaws in the health outcomes in different parts of the United States. Green (2007) posits that this is a result of the fact the health policies in our nation have not integrated the principle of equality for all citizens. The project under the free health care for all should be restructured and forwarded to areas with a higher population. In addition, the whole nation should equally understand that quality health for all is a personal and collective responsibility of every citizen.

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