Healthcare Presentation and Its Components

The Use of Technology in Healthcare Presentation

The use of technology is one of the critical components in a healthcare presentation. The use of new and improved technology brings efficacy and efficiency in treating patients. Photographs, short videos, and multicolored images are some of the new and improved technologies that are utilized in presentations and videoconferences. A display that uses a visual representation is considered more effective and more likely to be remembered by the audience. It is essential to keep the room’s lighting in mind while choosing the color of the presentation’s background text (Harrison, 2016, p. 173). For instance, in a darker room, darker letters with a lighter background work well in promoting effectiveness.

Audience Engagement during Healthcare Presentation

Audience engagement is one of the key components of a healthcare presentation. Taking the audience’s attention during the first few minutes of the presentation is imperative (Bishop, 2018). Asking emotional questions that speak to the audience is one way of keeping them engaged. This technique is normally achieved by telling a story during the first 2 minutes of the presentation. The storytelling technique involves telling painful stories or facts that connect with the audience personally and emotionally, thus conveying the main message. During the presentation, it is essential to create a stage appeal that is fitting for the audience. An outstanding presentation should have a delivery style that is efficient and effective. A persuasive tone, good eye contact, and a projected voice are some of the aspects that enhance a perfect delivery style during a presentation.

Maintaining Audience Interest during a Healthcare Presentation

A presenter can preserve an audience’s interest by giving statements with facts, carrying out demonstrations, and indicating trends on charts (Harrison, 2016, p. 174). A graphical representation communicates the memo in a clearer way than the words. It also ensures that the audience’s focus is maintained, and people understand the message presented. During a presentation, a presenter should pause severally to ensure that the audience comprehends the content. Such pauses ensure that a good rapport is created between the audience and the presenter and give the audience a chance to ask questions.


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