Healthcare Workers Burnout: Finding a Solution


Workers in the healthcare industry might suffer from extensive work, which brings a number of mistakes that might be vital in this area of life. The burnout might be related to the lack of sleep, poor patient feedback, and medical errors (De Hert, 2020). When burnout happens, doctors and nurses might show lower performance and insignificant personal achievements. More people have become more interested in this topic in the last several years. A number of solutions have appeared to decrease the risk of burnout in professionals in the healthcare industry. De Hert (2020) found out that burnout can be estimated by percentage. It is important to strive for 0% as this indicator shows that medical organizations are introducing the right approaches to decrease the level of burnout among workers. This essay will outline the key problems that increase individual breakdowns, state solutions provided by the professionals in this sphere, and evaluate the strategies aimed to support a relatively low percentage of burnouts.

The Causes of Individual Breakdowns

Doctors who work closely with people might experience the highest proportion of burnout due to the constant communication and a massive amount of information. De Hert (2020) stated that healthcare workers in the USA have emotional burnout most often compared to other industries. For instance, while the general percentage of breakdowns in the population taken from diverse areas is 27,8%, medical workers have around 37,9% (De Hert, 2020). One of the causes of the problem is lack of effectiveness. Some people believe that this issue has a genders difference, as in 2015, there were more reports of burnout from females than from males (De Hert, 2020). Consequently, more attention is now spent on the support of women working in the healthcare industry s men stay more satisfied with their performance.

It is crucial to allow workers to balance work and personal life. Active work with breaks might not give the desired results, and more medical errors that can cost human life might occur (De Hert, 2020). Before producing a treatment plan, it is important to identify the stage of burnout syndrome. When the stage is initial, and there are no negative consequences of the doctor’s work, sport, relaxation, and giving up striving for perfection for a few days, it might help to cope with the problem (De Hert, 2020). Spending time with friends outside the workplace can be considered a positive strategy that can help cope with more progressive stages of burnout. Moreover, managers in medical organizations should create a favorable atmosphere where every worker can build interpersonal connections and share their emotions to relieve.

Leadership is an important aspect of the industry as employees should feel secure and supported to avoid emotional breakdowns. When managers and lead doctors have enough skills to protect the interests of other healthcare workers, the general percentage of burnouts decreases (De Hert, 2020). Training and morning briefings might help individuals stay motivated during the working day and decrease the possibility of breakdowns caused by negative communication with patients or colleagues.


In conclusion, burnout has become a serious problem worldwide that is not fully examined to find the real causes of the issue. Nevertheless, when healthcare workers can identify the causes of the individual breakdowns and start adjusting solutions at the early stages, the general percentage of those who suffer from this problem can decrease. Moreover, the help of managers and orientation on personal achievements can support workers to avoid the development of burnout.


De Hert, S. (2020). Burnout in healthcare workers: Prevalence, impact and preventative strategies. Local and Regional Anesthesia, 13, 171-183.

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