Hiring Practices and Effective Leadership

When finding qualified candidates for open positions, a hiring leader plays a crucial role. However, there is much more to think about in the hiring process than simply selecting the candidate with the résumé that looks the best (John, 2019). Training the employee is another essential stage that comes after they have been employed. Therefore, in this paper, I will talk about the techniques that leaders can follow when hiring new employees and providing training, as well as some of the challenges that may arise.

Ways Effective Leaders Can Hire Prominent Leaders

There are different ways effective leaders can use to recruit prominent leaders and subordinates. Firstly, it is integral for hiring leaders to create an effective hiring plan (John, 2019). It makes the hiring process easier and can be used as a qualification standard for a standard. Secondly, the leaders need to create an employee referral program. It gives leaders instant access to people who have the skills needed for the open position. Thirdly, leaders should consider adopting effective hiring techniques and processes. It makes sure that the individual in charge of hiring chooses the best candidate. Fourthly, the leaders should discuss the position appropriately with the applicants (John, 2019). It helps show how knowledgeable and skilled a candidate is with regard to the position.

A hiring leader can use different techniques to hire prominent leaders and other employees. Firstly, leaders should look beyond an applicant’s resume (John, 2019). It promotes the hiring of the best candidate for the position. Secondly, leaders should consider asking relevant questions to discover an applicant’s skills and experience relevant to the position. Thirdly, determine whether the applicant is a motivational fit to learn from corporate training. Fourthly, it is integral to major the applicant’s ability to work in a diverse workforce (John, 2019).

The Effectiveness of Training

Firstly, training enables firms to develop a pool of qualified replacement employees for workers who may quit the company or be promoted to positions with increased responsibilities. Secondly, it may improve the effectiveness of employees and their motivation, which in turn can lead to both production and overall job satisfaction (Ozkeser, 2019). Thirdly, it allows the employees to expand their knowledge and gain experience in their field or area of operations. For example, the employees should be able to understand the value and culture of an organization.

Employers can target the knowledge and skills they want their employees to have by providing training and development. Training programs can also assist individuals in advancing their careers and taking on new responsibilities in a business (Ozkeser, 2019). Employees participating in training and development programs are more likely to self-assess their skills and expertise. In addition, employees are more engaged and excited about doing well when they sense they have a supportive employer.

Hiring and Training Challenges

There are different challenges that are experienced when hiring and training new employees in an organization. For both, leaders may find it challenging to quantify the hiring and training process effectiveness. There are various suggested techniques that a leader can be used to hire and train employees. It is also difficult to effectively engage applicants and recruits (Masanja, 2019). This occurs to candidates and recruits with hard-to-find skills because they may have different commitments. In addition, due to differences in personality and skillset, it is challenging to conduct a fair training and hiring process. Finally, they are both time-consuming due to the steps required and the goal to be attained.

Training and hiring challenges

  1. Whereas it is difficult to choose a suitable candidate for the position, trainers find it challenging to ensure that new recruits are trained effectively and equipped with the right skills to perform effectively in their respective roles.
  2. The hiring team finds it hard to use the same hiring plan and process for all candidates due to the difference in skillsets and qualification requirements. However, the training team may experience difficulty in developing a common training agenda.
  3. Trainers may find it challenging to ensure that the newly hired employees are engaged throughout the process, while the hiring team may continue with individuals who are committed to the process (Masanja, 2019).


The hiring and training of new employees is a challenging task. To be effective at it, you need specific talents and experience. It also necessitates the application of suitable methods. When hiring people, there is much more to think about than just selecting an individual with the best-looking resume. Training the worker is another important step that comes after hiring them. However, the team in charge of hiring and training should solve the problems discovered.


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