How Community Services Can Improve Life

Community service is a set of activities people do to help and improve social and other aspects of their community. Community service comes in many forms: picking up and separating trash, giving out free food at churches, cleaning up, and more. Every community service can improve a community, and it is suitable for every neighborhood to get involved. Volunteering can act synonymous with community service, including providing pro bono assistance. Many organizations are dedicated to creating a thriving community in Atlanta, Georgia. The organizations in Atlanta are related to different areas of help, but I would like to focus on two: environmentalism and health care.

Sandy Springs Recycling Center is a non-profit center that accepts goods for future recycling. The center accepts volunteers and is happy to help individuals perform court-ordered community service. The Sandy Springs Recycling Center exemplifies how environmentalism is essential to Georgia (What We Do & Don’t Accept). The amount of packaging and metal products is off the charts in cities across the state. Atlanta is concerned with urban planning through greening the city protecting the environment (City of Atlanta, GA). As such, they are participating in community recycling, and the collection of items for recycling is a valuable and good thing that will benefit the city. Recycling provides opportunities for things to get a second life, and participating in campaigns by organizations like Sandy Springs Recycling Center can be a community benefit.

Open Hand Atlanta is a community outreach center that focuses on nutritional health. The organization’s vision has to do with “eliminating the disability of premature death due to diet-related chronic diseases” (Open Hand Atlanta). This center prepares and distributes healthy food to support all age groups. The organization accepts volunteers to show that community service in health care is just as crucial as other community causes. Maintaining health and adequate nutrition are essential criteria for living, so in my opinion, everyone needs to participate in such organizations.

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