Preparing for the International Meeting

Considering cultural differences and peculiarities of communication styles is definitely crucial when dealing with interaction with people from other countries. The TED talk by Julien S. Bourrelle (TEDxTrondheim [TEDx Talks], 2015) provides insight into how a specific behavior or reaction can be perceived differently depending on the norm adopted in a particular society. Julien emphasizes several interesting points that I find useful in preparing for the meeting.

Some of what I have learned from the speech is the way an individual can relate to a specific culture. One could confront the culture, believing that their own behaviors are the right ones. Another way is to complain and isolate from the common culture in a separate bubble of foreigners, thus, not trying to understand the cultural context. However, the best approach is to adapt by integrating the peculiarities of society. This third way allows a group of people to truly benefit from the diversity they create since the latter is proven to increase creativity and efficiency. Hence, during the meeting, I will stick to the “conforming” style of communicating and will be trying to learn from another culture without contrasting myself to it. Moreover, as Julien notes several times, “It’s not about what you see, it’s about what you perceive” (TEDxTrondheim [TEDx Talks], 2015). Therefore, I will be more patient with unusual or untypical to my cultural behaviors.

Overall, when communicating with people of different cultures, it is important to avoid perceiving their behaviors relying only on your own cultural glass and idea of the norm. In the coming meeting, I will apply the principles highlighted by Bourrelle in his TED talk since diversity is worth the effort to put you out of your comfort zone. Therefore, when preparing for the meeting, I will also closely look at the similarities and differences between Indian and American cultures.


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