Interest Groups in the United States

In the process of social interaction of individuals, various structures are formed in society. As they develop, social networks become more complex and create a developed system of many competing or, conversely, cooperating interest groups. Any group has its own values, distinctive characteristics, and interests. An interest group is a type of group with its own specific requirements in the public environment and which sets goals for implementing these requirements. Interest groups can be religious, ideological, state groups for the struggle for the rights of citizens, public. Interest groups are mandatory elements of a democratic society.

In the United States, the oldest group fighting for the rights of citizens is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The main goal of their association is to fight for educational, social, and political human rights, as well as for equality and the elimination of racial discrimination. This group was founded in 1909 and continues its work to this day (NAACP). In addition, the number of members of the group is actively growing, which gives the group development and helps to fight for their rights.

According to the type of interest groups, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People refers to groups fighting for human rights. In 2020, this group gathered about 200,000 volunteers who made mass calls, sent e-mails to black people with an appeal to vote for their candidate, and told them the place and time when it could be done (NAACP). The group also appealed to the federal court to explain to them the plans for the registration of black people and a complaint about the planned completion of the census.

The organization does not plan to stop there. Moreover, they are determined to make America free from racism. They strive to ensure equality and non-discrimination for all people. The group promotes political and public figures who pay attention to the problems of black people and desire to help them. For 112 years, more than 12 million people have joined the group, and they actively encourage the new generation to continue their work and fight for equality.

I chose this group of interests because the problem of racism is very acute in modern society. Despite the fact that slavery has long been abolished, black people are still often oppressed, and there are many situations in which they are forced to suffer. Racial discrimination and inequality must be eliminated, as they do not bring anything positive to society but only destroy it. In the United States, racial discrimination is a very common phenomenon, because of which up to 60% of people experience suffering (Causadias and Korous 147). Such several people who are subject to discrimination are unacceptable for modern, which is why activists are fighting for the rights and absence of racism.

In conclusion, there is a large number of interest groups. They differ directly by the main subject of interest, as well as by the type of groups. People need to unite in groups and support each other; so much can be achieved through joint efforts. In addition, support motivates not to give up but to continue working on themselves, on improvements in society, and finding solutions without using brute force. For example, such an urgent problem as racism requires only joint efforts of people over a long time. As long as people united in a group for this interest will listen to them more often, they will have more strength and opportunities to achieve one common goal.

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