Interest in Real Estate Careers for Women

Nowadays, more and more women choose to start and develop their careers in real estate. Female workers constantly struggle with finding a suitable job more than males, and it is hard for them to maintain and evolve their specific careers. Due to the need to comply with job and family duties, real estate might satisfy their needs in managing those important fields. One of the possible reasons for the growing interest in this sphere among females part is because of their opportunities to handle all the personal and professional responsibilities. Therefore, this essay aims to analyze different factors that attract women to work in real estate and identify the benefits of this profession.

The first and the most important reason for women to start a career in real estate is the ability to manage their time and create a schedule with the most suitable working hours for them. A flexible schedule is often becoming the most crucial factor for people’s decision to get a particular job, and it especially matters for women (Real Estate: Why Real Estate’s One of the Best Careers, 2018). Some of them have to simultaneously study and work or raise their children and provide the family with financial means, which often happens with single mothers. Therefore, the opportunity to manage their work to have time for the family and other duties is the most appealing reason.

Additionally, real estate can ensure women with the massive variety of branches inside the profession from which they can focus on the most suited option. Whatever goals and aspirations the female employees might have, they have a chance to realize them in the workplace. Even if the purposes change with time, there is no problem shifting the professional specter and continuing working in a new direction (3 Reasons Why Real Estate is One of the Best Careers, 2021). However, it also requires a lot of concentration, hard work, constant learning, and studying new information. A successful career path is only possible to create with the aspiration to know more and consume the new knowledge to become an outstanding specialist in the end.

Some of the most common professional fields for women in real estate are real estate agents and brokers, property managers, landscaping contractor, and leasing consultants. Those are only a few options from the many others that would be suitable for women. For instance, a real estate broker and an agent perform similar tasks but differ in the position’s requirements. Women who start their careers in the sphere can begin from the post of a real estate agent to properly learn all the nuances of selling the properties, negotiating, and presenting the houses most advantageously. Then there is an opportunity to come further and work to get a promotion to the real estate broker since only experienced professionals can get the position (Michaels, 2021). Also, the work in commercial leasing allows for improving communications and business skills in addition to already existing ones. Since leasing consultants have to search for potential clients, negotiate with them, and market the places, this can be an additional step in the career path.

Overall, the real estate sphere is an outstandingly suitable and beneficial career for women. Female employees always struggle to keep the balance between professional success and stability in their homes, so this profession can provide them with everything necessary to manage life and work. Flexible schedules, the variety of positions, and directions in the sphere can fulfill the needs of ambitious women to devote their time to enjoy work that contributes to their personal and financial well-being.

Therefore, with all the incredible opportunities that the field of real estate provides, I hope to make the most of it and use the chance to create a better future for children in need and help them. It is crucial to mention that I have more than twenty years of experience leading a therapy practice for children with special needs. Such a long work experience gave me a comprehension of what else could be done to improve their lives and take my practice to the next efficiency level. I believe that children deserve a decent amount of time devoted to their teaching and growth. On the earliest phases of human life begins the building and creation of the personality’s foundation. Those children who have difficulties with some aspects of development should have the possibility of growing up in a safe environment where they get a personal approach to satisfy their particular needs.

Thus, my aspiration is to create a school that would provide its students not only with the education but also with therapy to support the neediest children. This project requires many various skills and pieces of knowledge, primarily in real estate management, construction, and development. Therefore, becoming a Real Estate Fellow will allow me to gain all the necessary tools to establish the school and ensure children who need it the most with proper education and assistance.


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