Media Alternatives and Marketing

In today’s highly competitive vision correction market space, there is an increasing need for reliable, actionable information about the motivations and behaviors of contact lens wearers. The marketing concept of an organization providing medical and pharmaceutical care should prioritize consumer behavior and be aimed at meeting the needs of the patient (Sima et al., 2020). The marketing mix requires continuous improvement to maintain the organization’s competitiveness and increase marketing activity for the largest market share, increase the number of users and confirm the economic value of products.

I think advertising in places where potential customers could Bausch & Lomb’s production is very important. Thus it is better to give a choice to something where there is a demand for contact lenses. There are several media in which one can advertise contact lenses, but Eyewear Magazines advertising is the best alternative. The main advantage is that there is the major target audience of Bausch & Lomb, so that the company will find customers anyway. On the other hand, there may not be as much demand for eyewear magazines in the age of information technology, which is undoubtedly a disadvantage.

The process of digital change affects all areas of life and, of course, changes consumer behavior. It ranges from searching for information about purchasing behavior to using digital services. Communication tools should be prioritized and adapted to different online channels, such as company websites, portals, blogs, Google Ads, Facebook, online stores, and apps (Purcarea, 2019). Bausch & Lomb could test interactive e-mails that let a consumer select and purchase a product right in the letter. That is a good opportunity to show customers the company’s willingness to develop to meet their needs and create all the amenities for them. In this case, it would increase the offer’s value without increasing the price.


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