Nurse-Managed Health Centers and Clinics

The purpose of nurse-managed health centers is to provide needed care to the most disadvantaged groups of the population in remote locations. When these centers and clinics are established at more convenient locations, there are many possibilities for low-income or uninsured individuals to receive high-quality care. However, it is important to determine the difference between opening centers at more convenient places for potential patients and for healthcare providers. It is critical to ensure that nurse-managed health centers operate in remote regions of states where underinsured and poor people can receive access to medical services (Austin & Wetle, 2017). When health centers are located in communities with people in need, nursing staff can provide them with a range of medical services and contribute to improving an epidemiological situation in a certain region.

Still, the number of people who can receive care and services at nurse-managed health centers grows annually. Therefore, more nurses are required to be employed in these centers and clinics. However, a potential obstacle is associated with the shortage of nurses, especially with reference to the lack of medical personnel in remote areas (Dols et al., 2018). A possible solution can be found in attracting volunteers from the nurse staff to work in these centers. Another problem is that nurse-managed health centers work effectively when they are affiliated with educational institutions to provide more nursing staff to work in these centers. However, the increase in the number of centers non-affiliated with universities and colleges creates the demand for professionals and material resources. In this context, the solution can be associated with guaranteeing that a certain percentage of nurses who graduated from colleges and universities will work at these nursing centers.

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