Nursing Interventions Analysis


Nurses are the main connector between patients and doctors. They care about patients and are always close if needed. Preparations for the procedures or operations lie with the nurses, and all initial analyzes are carried out by them. However, not all procedures are available to nurses because some of the actions require broader skills. Having attended a clinical site, I can highlight some new specific actions which are usually done by nurses and are important in the treatment of patients.

First Intervention

Firstly, nurses could not do screening examinations, which greatly slowed down the treatment process and created queues to make an appointment. However, nowadays, nurses received permission to conduct screening examinations and faster such processes as Anthropometric measurements, leading Nutritional assessments, and helping doctors make biochemical analyses (Uchmanowicz et al, 2018). Nurses are optimistic about the expansion of their knowledge, and patients speak well of the provided treatment and its high speed of it.

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Second Intervention

Secondly, nursing work has become appreciated over the past few years, and their roles in medical practices are increasing at a high rate. In some medical centers, nurses got permission and needed skills in individual nutrition support. Highly educated nurses are able to be in charge of educational courses for teenagers and their families. Moreover, nurses can now consult people with obesity, prescribe special diets, and calculate the calorie deficit (Uchmanowicz et al, 2018). Along with this, nurses can now prescribe Vitamin D supplements.


Nurses’ intervention has increased dramatically in the last few years, and their importance is not underestimated. Nurses’ desire to develop their skills in medicine leads to better treatment plans and strategies, resulting in a more significant increase in the healthcare industry.


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