Personal Philosophy About the Profession of Nursing

Nursing is a practice that is strongly associated with providing care to patients under the command of a physician. This definition cannot be false because it grasps the primary meaning of the profession. Nurses help physicians with their patients by completing several additional tasks while a physician does not have time to complete it themselves. This is a vital profession that demands humanitarian and ethical principles, developed sense of compassion and empathy. That is why most nurses are women; they more tend to care about others than men. Although this profession is considered less authoritative than many others in the medical sphere, there is no more medicine without it. However, everyone must be in their place, and this place has the same value as others to keep any system. Nursing is the primary manifestation of a philanthropic spirit of medicine.

One of the standards of nursing practice is that the nurse practices ethically, and it is the main principle that must be followed. Doody and Noonan (2016) note that “Research ethics is fundamental to research practice, nurse education and the development of evidence” (1). Patient care needs to rise from the sincere intentions of a nurse who, in this case, will provide the most effective care. This principle works everywhere because a person does not work well if he is not interested in it. If there are no inner reasons to be a nurse, then the work will be poorly productive that is unacceptable when it is about people’s health.

Another essential standard of nursing practice is collecting data about a patient’s situation to make a proper diagnosis and send them to a necessary physician. It is a responsible process because it directly addresses the result of patient treatment. Marquis and Huston (2017) note that “decisions are based on knowledge and information available to the problem”, that is why nurse has to collect data carefully (52). Such a task is a big responsibility; if they gather false data, it will lead to the unnecessary course of a treatment that may even worsen a situation. A nurse does here the first step of treatment on what the following process will be built; that is why they have an important role.

Furthermore, the registered nurse develops a plan of attaining measurable outcomes in the treatment process. This is a third essential standard of nursing practice that confirms the existence of significant responsibilities that do not include only medical assistance. Marquis and Huston (2017) note that “planning requires flexibility and energy – two other leadership characteristics” (242). Even though this profession is mainly in the background, this does not mean that a medical sphere can do without it. Absolutely reversely: nursing is fundamentally needed for it lets the whole healthcare system work smoothly and productively, and physicians can concentrate on their primary work.

Therefore, nursing care has an enormous significance for the healthcare system. Despite the fact that it may be considered less authoritative than physicians’ work, it is necessary for medicine because it does its job. Without such professions, society, civilization, culture cannot be built because they are the foundation; everyone must be in their place. Three described standards of nursing practice (ethics, collecting data, developing a plan) show that this profession has to be in line with definite ethical and pragmatic responsibilities.


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