Pregnancy & Motherhood

Relationships between a man and a woman is one of the most powerful and amazing things on a planet. They can vary considerably, and all of them have their beginning and end or may last forever. People meet, learn each other, have emotions to each other, start dating, get married, and, if they lucky enough, give birth to a child. This is one of the most successful lines of how relations can be developed. Unfortunately, not all people have this type of relations. Nowadays, numerous obstacles can take place, and people are not always ready to solve them properly. At the same time, not all people define pregnancy as a gift (due to a considerable amount of abortion acts), those, who really want it, cannot but admire an idea of having a baby. And pregnancy is considered to be a magnificent period, when a woman carries her baby under her heart and feel the emotions never known before.

Everything begins when a person sees two lines on a pregnancy test. These two lines symbolize of a hope for every woman, who is eager to know what it is to be a mother. These two lines become a start of a new life. These two lines offer a woman new opportunities and responsibilities that can never be neglected. It is hard to describe the feelings of a woman, who see these two lines for the first time. For some women, it is a real shock as it is unexpected and, sometimes, undesirable. Some women cannot but smile and inform the closest relatives about this happy occasion. Someone may accept this fact as something ordinary that requires many efforts, much time, and the necessity to change the priorities. Anyway, the presence of these two lines in a life of a human leads to a number of changes, happiness, and a possibility to make this world better and kinder at least for a while.

With time, a woman experiences a number of new emotions and demands. Some men cannot even realize that this is a real challenge to carry out a baby, to be a one whole with a baby, and to feel a serious responsibility for someone’s life. Still, women should know that along with happiness of pregnancy, certain difficulties will certainly come. First, pregnant women should follow their feeding and drinking processes as it is desirable to avoid using harmful products like coffee, alcohol, or some spicy food. Second, smoking women should drop their habit to provide a child with a chance to have a healthy life. Finally, to be pregnant means to avoid certain physical activities that may influence a baby. Women are happy indeed when they have a chance to enjoy each day of their pregnancies, think about their future, plan numerous details connected with babies, etc. It seems to be so nice to look at a pregnant woman with a belly, who is choosing some clothes for her future child. As a rule, many emotions embrace people, who observe this picture.

For some women, the period of pregnancy lasts too long due to constant health problems and the necessity to control their lives and bodies. To enjoy the day when it is possible to see a real face of a baby, a woman should pass through some challenges and obligations like morning sickness, headache, leg cramping, and inabilities to use drugs to decrease pain Flazman & Sherman, 2008). Of course, it is not an easy task to give a life, still, women are provided with such a possibility. Men do not have a physical chance to understand what pregnancy really means (except Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior), how it is difficult to have a huge belly and do not have a chance to sleep on it (Tropp, 2013). In fact, there are many DON’Ts that should be followed by every pregnant woman, and there are so many DOs that should be demonstrated by a man. If future parents want to benefit from a gift offered by a stork, they have to believe in it and do everything possible and even impossible to create the most appropriate conditions (both tangible and intangible) for their future baby.

In nine months, the period of pregnancy comes to its end. The baby is coming. The mother is worried. The father does not know what to do. This turmoil is an ordinary thing for a day of birth. However, an unbelievable silence and amazement take place as soon as a newborn child appears in a room. The moment when a mother, a father, and a child (or several children) are in one room at the same time, causes a variety of emotions. This first meeting inspires a lot and proves that the world is not as cruel as it seems and people are kinder and more sympathetic. Being pregnant is a period that is over. Now, it is high time to look at a baby and accept it as a new part of this life, the part that cannot be forgotten or left but has to be loved and taken care of.


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