Report on the Speech by Gianna Jessen

There is a rising ratio of incited clinical pregnancy terminations in the United States and universally. There has been a long debate about the morality and legality of the action. The provided video is the discourse of Gianna Jessen at the Australian Queen’s Hall Parliament House regarding the policies and regulations on abortion. Her biological mother, who was seven and a half months pregnant with her, tried to undergo a saline abortion (Johnson, 2013). Dangerous late abortion poses a critical danger to women’s health and even more harm for an infant if the child is born. Practically 10% of all abortions happen during the second trimester (Keogh et al., 2016). More than 1% of the procedures happen at or after the 21st week (Keogh et al., 2016). Jessen was able to survive the abortion and underwent several medical treatments to live a fully functional life. She had Cerebral Palsy as a side effect of an abrupt abortion, caused by a scarcity of oxygen in the brain (Johnson, 2013). This case draws attention on people’s unawareness about the unethical methods of abortionists.

The speaker indicates that one of the largest abortion organizations, Planned Parenthood practice cruel and inhuman methods to kill the fetuses. She reports about the organization’s act of collecting and selling the body portions, even of those which may have been brought into the world alive (Johnson, 2013). Planned Parenthood is known to give an image of the company which cares about the rights of women and ‘saving’ children from a miserable life by preventing their births. They use catchy slogans and ensure mothers that they are concerned about the carrier’s health (Johnson, 2013). Many women, despite their ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or social foundation, still settle to terminate the pregnancy even though contraception choices have lately improved (Keogh et al., 2016). Jessen’s speech invokes people to make active decisions against decriminalization of abortion and gives food for thought about the rights of unwanted infants to live.


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