Starbucks Company Staffing Strategies


Starbucks has a long history of progressive and responsible hiring practices. In the United States, 160,000 of their teammates represent the varied communities they serve (Azriuddin et al., 2020). Working parents, military spouses, students, and even teenagers for whom putting on the green apron is their first employment are among them. Naturally, their personal and professional goals vary substantially, and the professional environment of Starbucks attempts to universally accommodate them. In accordance with modern HR practices, partners who work 20 hours or more each week are eligible for a variety of benefits, including healthcare coverage, retirement planning, and more. The Starbucks College Achievement Plan provides a debt-free college education as well as equity in the form of Starbucks shares.

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As a business that distributes its product through frequent and direct interactions between employees and customers, Starbucks depends on its staffing strategy. Employee turnover would be at the top of a retail business’s priority list if this were an issue. It is extremely tough to retain top personnel and motivate them to work harder, not just financially, but also in terms of other critical variables that contribute to their loyalty to the organization. Starbucks is well-known for its employee-friendly practices and encouraging work environment. Some firms do not provide benefits to part-time employees, but Starbucks has modified its policy.

In relation to the benefit package and general employment conditions, the firm was ranked second among major corporations on Fortune’s coveted list. This acknowledgment goes to prove that Starbucks’ HR strategy is incredibly competitive, and the brand maintains the strongest human resource management and healthy work culture. Starbucks recognizes the significance and worth of its workers, which is a pillar of their overarching company strategy to employ the finest people and retain and motivate them over time. Staff, particularly front-line employees, are crucial to a retail firm when there is a lot of rivalries, notably in the coffee market, which is a global trend and rivalries are strong.

The management team is aware that Starbucks partners have outside duties and interests to consider. As one of the more popular employment firms among students and high schoolers, it prioritizes flexibility when establishing shifts. Scheduling must be done on an individual basis, providing for both the consistency and flexibility that each of them needs. Every week, the store managers work hard to balance the demands of the company, their shops, and the different needs of the company’s partners against the regular seasonality we see throughout the year as consumers’ behaviors and purchases fluctuate. To achieve this, partners and their managers collaborate to design schedules that are predictable, consistent and balance each partner’s unique demands.


In conclusion, the staff in Starbucks are a part of its core competence, which combines people, processes, and systems that will give value to its customers. Furthermore, the type of value they deliver to their consumers is critical to the company’s success, which will benefit the employees as well. When it comes to Starbucks’ human capital architecture, it’s not only about filling vacancies or increasing employee numbers but about the relevance of the function and how it may contribute to the company’s performance (Azriuddin et al., 2020). The firm has a strict policy of only hiring new team members when they are needed, thus avoiding both unnecessary expenses and the potential for unfair treatment instances towards a redundant employee.


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