Strategies for Students With ADHD

Share about a personal experience when you used an effective strategy with a student with ADHD

Students with ADHD require special attention to their needs, which implies the support of professors. There is a number of strategies useful in the case of educating such students, and their proper choice results in a better outcome of the studying process. In my opinion, the best strategy is to place them closer to quiet and hard-working students so that they would copy their actions and thereby adjust their behavior. In the current teaching environment, I would create a seating plan for the students so that they could follow it.

It is critical for students with ADHD as they tend not to notice that it is disturbing and distracting others from work. They might regret it but cannot change what they are doing. Hence, the creation of a proper environment would be efficient for their success in studies and would allow them to adopt the appropriate models of behavior in the context of educational institutions. This strategy can be complemented by the efforts of teachers to set firm limits on the behavior of these students.

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Share about at least three strategies or interventions implemented in your school that contribute to the prevention or effective treatment of conduct disorders

My school implements specific strategies for regulating the conduct of students with such conditions as ADHD. The first intervention relates to the attempts to make the use of computers and tablets in the classroom easier for them. This objective is achieved through optimizing the devices’ interface and thereby facilitating their navigation. Such a strategy is vital for ensuring equal access to information for all students regardless of their conditions.

The second strategy is intended to eliminate the problems that students with ADHD face while trying to understand and follow instructions. The teachers provide them with lists containing ordered steps so that they can successfully perform tasks. The third strategy facilitating the studying process for students with conduct disorders is the use of displays to outline daily schedules and long-term projects.

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