HRSA Data Warehouse: HIV and AIDS Information

The Health Resources and Services Administration is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It provides a wide variety of services in order to improve access to health care for uninsured citizens, people with low income, or medically vulnerable people. There is a concrete list of goals that HRSA strives to achieve. These goals include improving access to quality care services, developing healthy communities, establishing health equity, and maintaining the medical workforce. One of the significant issues addressed by HRSA is HIV and AIDS. Several programs, including grants, direct financial help, and complimentary services, are established in order to provide accessible primary care and support for patients in need.

As modern society and technology develop, new methods and instruments are introduced. Digital resources, databases, and reporting systems were proven to be effective and became an inseparable part of the present and the future (American Psychological Association, 1994). Moreover, recent pandemic-related restrictions have shown the need for further development of the digital approach. HRSA data website may serve as a prime example of efficient digitalization of one of the most significant areas. Healthcare Industry is crucial for society, and its modernization may be vital (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2019). HRSA data website provides valuable information regarding HRSA activities, particularly and about healthcare in general. Provided data includes maps, reports, and dashboards to the public about HRSA’s health care programs. It may be effectively utilized by both healthcare workers and primary consumers.

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There are several databases, which may be used in order to access information about HRSA work. Data by geography provides predominantly quantitive data related to health center delivery sites numbers or grant amounts. Grants are provided for a wide variety of purposes one of which is HIV and AIDS treatment and care. Annual reports are presented for each area, including, for example, Clark County, Nevada. For instance, there is data regarding the number of patients at or below 100% and 200% of poverty. Such data may be beneficial as these people are the primary users of HRSA services. Moreover, these statistical indicators may be used to plan future healthcare costs in the relevant area. Fact sheets provide a combination of quantity and quality as there is numerical data presented with brief analysis and descriptions. According to fact sheets related to Nevada, approximately 6% of its population is represented by the low-income population, which requires support in terms of medical care. More than $50 million are invested into the region through grants, cooperative agreements, and scholarships in order to introduce accessible healthcare (HRSA Data Warehouse 2021). From a nationwide perspective, the low-income population percentage corresponds with the national indicators, yet Nevada receives less financial support per capita.

I chose Clay County, Florida, as an area of study. The amount of low-income population is slightly less in the region, yet there is no sufficient information regarding grants for the concrete County. However, comprehensive data may be found related to the State of Florida. Ryan White HIV/AIDS program is implemented nationwide through fund grants to states and counties. There are 318 Ryan White HIV/AIDS support providers in Florida and only one provider in Clay County. According to HRSA databases, they fund approximately 700 health centers and look-alike sites in Florida annually (HRSA Data Warehouse 2021). Such data may be beneficial in terms of a deeper understanding of HRSA activity and may also provide valuable knowledge about conducted programs and grants.


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