Strategic Planning in Grady Hospital, Atlanta

The field of health care is successfully developed in the United States and the state of Georgia in particular. The work of one of its famous healthcare organizations, Grady Hospital, is the best evidence. This memorial hospital has a strong vision to become a leading public and academic healthcare system and the mission to improve community health by providing high-quality, competent services (“About Us,” n.d.). The staff follows its clearly defined values to be patient-centered and safe, to do right and good, and to serve people with excellence (“About Us,” n.d.). According to Edwards and Schrade (2021), many healthcare facilities in Georgia continue facing serious communication and planning challenges due to the COVID crisis. The problem statement for Grady Hospital is the lack of effective internal communication during a crisis. The SWOT analysis defines the main aspects of organizational performance:

  1. Strengths
    • Leadership
    • Skilled workforce
    • Data systems
    • Innovation
  2. Weaknesses
    • Internal communication
    • Recruiting workforce
  3. Opportunities
    • Health professions education
    • New partners and funding
    • Social media support
  4. Threats
    • Workforce shortage
    • State competition
    • Healthcare policies

Regarding the existing problems and the hospital’s position, the two high-level goals are to promote the community’s well-being during the crisis and prepare the staff to respond to emergencies through internal communication. To deal with risky moments in the organization, Liu et al. (2018) recommend accepting ambiguity, developing trustful relationships, and encouraging information consistency. Grady Hospital shows good results in enhancing innovation and partnership. There are enough resources to create new programs for a workforce to improve organizational and professional competencies. In other words, strategic planning should focus on preparation interventions and involvement of the staff in problem-solving and decision-making before and during the crisis.

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