Telehealth: The Potential after the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is certain that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed not just the recurrence of patient-clinician visits directed through innovation across a distance, yet in addition the rise of far reaching electronic individual defensive gear. Telehealth is the arrangement and the executives of medical services wherein people oversee parts of their consideration with far off help from medical services experts (Blandford et al., 2020). Care is most ordinarily carefully intervened yet upheld by direct correspondences (Bakken, 2020). People may be situated in their homes or care offices (Bakken, 2020). The advanced image and particular sharing of information encourage observation at local, public, and global levels. Additionally, telehealth encourages epidemiological examination that illuminates future medical services conveyance (Blandford et al., 2020). The research claims telehealth has immediate impact in diminishing the spread of contaminations by empowering physical separating, following side effects and flare-ups, and supporting approach producers in expecting needs and choosing suitable and ideal mediations. The concern is that if the system is suitable for use for everyone to further apply in healthcare. The plan of the research is to investigate the accessibility and the level of difficulty of extensive application of telehealth after a pandemic.

There are additionally computerized partitions that make admittance to telehealth advances hard for weak populaces, including the destitute, during the pandemic. In imagining a telehealth-empowered future, one should recall that numerous clinical conditions require actual assessments or intercessions, and that care is a human and social movement (Blandford et al., 2020). Until this point in time, venture has been deficient in creating advances that work for clinicians and patients and adjusting medical care frameworks and ways of life to completely abuse these innovations (Kaplan, 2021). The COVID-19 pandemic addresses a genuine chance and motivating force to create progressed telehealth arrangements that can change medical care and individuals’ lives, both locally and globally.

Table 1. Review of Differing Viewpoint Sources via Synthesis Matrix

Bakken, 2020 Blandford et al., 2020 Kaplan, 2021
Main idea Telehealth has a great potential in the future patient care. It will be able to ease the medical procedure and provide assistance in case of big inflow of patients in hospitals There is a need to change the work processes to widely adapt telehealth in clinics There is a big challenge when checking on the patients’ state and running examinations when the there is physical distance


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