The Problem of Incivility in Nursing

Different workplaces have recorded an increase in the number of incivility cases today. Bambi et al. (2019) explain that the nursing profession is among the worst-hit careers. This industry plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of sick people; therefore, bullying might seem odd (Bambi et al., 2019). However, it is essential to understand that nurses are exposed to heightened emotions, pressuring environments, and significant stress. Nurses should identify incivility signs, their effects, and what can be done.

I was a victim of incivility when I joined my first healthcare organization as a nurse. This happened because the nurse manager was pleased with my work and applauded me. However, the head clinician was envious and started to threaten me because they thought I intended to take their leadership position. They were verbally abusive and would disregard every move or action I took. As a result, I developed fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

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Nurses should understand the different methods of preventing incivility in the workplace. In this case, I would have approached the nurse leader and explained how I felt about their treatment. It was essential to assure them that I was doing my duties as a profession and had no interest in their position. There was the need to involve the supervisors or nurse administrators if the bullying did not stop. This would enable them to take action against the oppressor for violating the workplace rules and regulations.

Bullying has adverse mental and physical effects and can affect the safety of the patient. This is because disturbed healthcare professionals have a minimal possibility of giving competent care resulting in medical mistakes (Bambi et al., 2019). Moreover, incivility causes frustrations; therefore, clinicians can pass these emotions to ill people. The nursing profession is a demanding career that requires nurses to be sober when attending to patients.

In summary, incivility cases have increased in the nursing profession and affected healthcare providers. This increases the chances of compromising patient safety and medical errors because nurses work in stressful environments. However, these victims can open up and tell the oppressors what they feel. If the trend does not stop, the nurse can report to their administrators or supervisors.


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