Transformational Leadership in Nursing Education


Leadership is an essential aspect in healthcare facilities since it determines the performance of workers. Leaders have been encouraged to focus on different leadership traits that can enable employees to achieve organizational and individual goals. Leadership theories have also been used to help individuals enhance their performance and skills in institutions. Transformational leadership theory is one of the models that will be useful to me as a graduate. The model is vital since it encourages leaders to work with the team and identify the needed changes. Moreover, the theory focuses on teams’ need to create goals and inspire members to achieve the objectives (Fischer, 2017). Idealized influence is also experienced in this model since members are encouraged to be innovative and present their ideas regarding a particular team issue.

How Transformational Leadership Fits my Style and Strength

Having excellent communication skills is one factor that can help a leader use the transformational leadership theory since one has to interact with the team members. Therefore, the model would be of great significance to me since one of my strengths is my excellent communication skills. I can interact with different people with ease and learn the challenges they face in society. The concept also focuses on how individuals can motivate one another and improve their performance (Fischer, 2017). Thus, I can use my skills to ensure that I learn employees’ perceptions about a particular project and their ideas that can be used to develop the team. Confidence is another aspect of a good leader that many theories encourage. Therefore, I can use my self-assurance as a strength and guarantee that I will motivate team members to achieve various goals.

Transformational Leadership Theory and Registered Nurse’s (RN) Role

The New York State Nurse Practice Act focuses on enhancing patient care and protecting patients. Therefore, nurses should ensure that they offer quality healthcare services to all people. Leadership components of the RN’s role include critical thinking to promote the best possible care. Furthermore, RNs should demonstrate clinical leadership skills by facilitating excellent healthcare services. Therefore, the transformational leadership theory reflects the RN’s leadership components since it encourages leaders to ensure that individuals use their talents to improve their performance (Fischer, 2017). The model also enables leaders to set examples to the team members by working hard and focusing on the company’s vision and purposes.

How Transformational Leadership Style Enhances My Interprofessional Practice

Interprofessional practice in healthcare is crucial since it enables healthcare providers to work with different people. For instance, nurses work with individuals from within their profession, outside their occupation, and with patients and their families. Thus, the transformational leadership style can enhance how an individual interacts with various people in the facility. For instance, the technique can enable me to learn more about different cultures and beliefs when interacting with patients. Communication is encouraged in the transformational leadership style since the world is diverse (Fischer, 2017). Consequently, leaders can use the model to learn about other people’s morals and behaviors. The approach can also enhance my interprofessional practice since I can collaborate with different healthcare experts with varied knowledge and proficiency in team projects. The primary factor involved in transformational leadership theory is teamwork, which can help me acquire more interprofessional practice skills. Thus, the style can be of great significance to me in my healthcare practices.


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